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    I think the tuning is fine. It is not pug-friendly, but that's not really the audience, and in any case I think pug success rates will improve in the coming weeks.

    Some people of course got lucky and had 5 wipes give or take to finish. I'm sure many of those groups happened to be composed mostly of people on their mains who had done the fights in normal. A pug with a less distinguished pedigree is going to need lots of explanations, it's going to wipe a lot, and it may not even get anywhere.

    I went through three different pug groups to get down Blackfuse; the first two fell apart without a kill. Paragons down in about 5 wipes. Garrosh: 16 wipes, 2 pug groups, still no kill. In every case the groups I was in were totally new to the fights, save 1 or 2 people on alts who had done them on their mains.

    The hardest part,or most time-consuming at least, is the "unstickiness" of pugs. Invariably, someone ditches after a couple or three wipes, a replacement must be brought in, the fight must be explained all over again, etc. Worse for healers and it's usually a crippling blow if a tank quits. But that's the life of pugs I guess. (Dear Blizzard: fix the tanking situation in this game, idc how you do it, but it is so tiring to wait half an hour or more to find that second tank no matter what you're doing in the game, as the list of DPS waiting to get in keeps piling up...)

    EDIT: I guess I should point out I'm less enthusiastic about W4 than the other three. Each time after completing wings 1-3 for the first time, I was stunned by how perfectly tuned they were. As for W4, I can only somewhat grudgingly accept that the tuning is "fine" for the position it occupies in MOP raids. Bottom line is, some players/guilds/groups are going to be excluded out of this wing for the first weeks at least... Which I guess delivers on the goal of seeing a new boss per week.
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    It's brainlessly easy, but it's still a challenge for casuals, casuals must seriously get a brain and stop complaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syfy View Post
    It's brainlessly easy, but it's still a challenge for casuals, casuals must seriously get a brain and stop complaining.
    So Flex now gets lumped together with LFR ...

    I swear people like you are just hipsters in disguise. OMG Flex is mainstream now, it's totally for losers only.

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    Wait, didn't this thread already happen?

    Anyway, it's been out a week.. Give it a month or two and that number will shoot up.

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    Flex is easy, in some cases easier then LFR if you have decent players.
    You didn't expect Blizzard to just give you 540ilvl gear did you?

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    Guess I'm that 2%. I Killed Garrosh first week he was out in flex and got his Achieve... I need a life
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    Flex has (and should have) all mechanics, which means that you ahve to deal with the important ones the same way normal/heroic raiders do.

    Flex just gives you more reaction time and requires less dps / hps. If you do a mechanic completely wrong (like for example the belt on siedgecrafter) this will usually wipe you unless you overgear the content by a fair bit. That is the way it should be.

    I think most people struggling (especially with garrosh) on flex will be able to kill it easily in the upcoming weeks once more people have seen the fight. (And don't go balls out on the shalings or forget to interrupt.)

    As to flex not being pug friendly. I disagree. Most bosses do not have instant wipe mechanics on random targets. Even more so the bosses up to wing 4 (maybe excluding thok) require very little coordination (compared to ToT). Don't stand in crap but even if you do only 1 person dies and not the whole raid.

    I myself lead a full META SoO pug with players from openraids chat (guild refused to do it due to time) and it was very easy. Sure you have to stay on top of things and constantly yell at people but that's what leading a pug has always been like.
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    And I was thinking flex is for players who can only play LFR before, it seems I was totally wrong.
    Nope, it isn't. Flex is not supposed to be a faceroll, especially the last boss. This isn't LFR. Yes flex allows you to have a more casual env but that doesn't mean you can just pug some random ppl without any understanding of the fight and succeed at it. That would be unfair to guilds that are actually slowly progressing through flex.

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    I think flex is tuned the way blizzard wants it to be tuned. It was supposed to be the beer league of raiding, where you could go in and hand pick a wing of bosses and stand a good chance of completing them given the proper effort and reduced time involved in only doing 3-4.

    I have completed all flex modes and will admit that the Garrosh fight was a bummer till I got a group around that was not brain dead, however I think that many people feel that Flex was meant to be some kind of replacement for LFR.

    Those people, sadly are mistaken, leave with a bloody nose, and go back to LFR.
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