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    [Moonkin] Trinket Decision


    Due to an incredibly low drop rate on Kardis/Immerseus (0% in 6 IDs) I wasnt able to upgrade my ToT NHC Trinkets yet.
    Frenzied Crytal of Rage dropped today tho and I took it for testing but Im curious if its even worth using on single target compared to my current trinkets.

    Not able to post armory link so: EU-Blackrock - Curarin//elo hell

    Should I replace Wushoolays or should I stick with the ToT ones?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Cleave Trinkets are only good for Cleave fights. The Cleave trinket requires an average of 1.5 cleave-targets to be equal to a Multistrike trinket of equivalent ilvl. You'll probably only be able to hit this 1.5 average on Galakras, Spoils, and Garrosh. On top of that I'd argue that much of the damage you gain on the Galakras and Garrosh fights will be meaningless.

    If you're comparing it to a normal ToT trinket you shouldn't need more than a single cleave-target and thus it will probably be a net DPS increase on: Protectors, Norushen, Galakras, Dark Shaman, Nazgrim (depending on strategy), Spoils, and Garrosh.

    For Heroic fights: The Cleave should be relatively strong on Immerseus and much weaker (probably unusable) on Dark Shamans.

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    Personally I dont think the cleave trinket is even worthwhile on fights like Spoils etc. Like comparing it to a Elemental Shaman that spams chain lightning (might be an extreme example) but you'll never be near the damage they can deal with it, personally I'd just stick with multistrike and have it proc of dot ticks/hurricane ticks.

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    I was in a similar situation: I ended up just going full time with the cleave over Breath of the Hydra. The reasoning for me was that it had simmed out to be only about 200 dps (in an ideal, perfect situation) loss to run it over the cleave trinket. In reality, you probably won't notice a huge difference. The main reason to stick with, say, breath over it is if you're still having trouble keeping the haste bp. Otherwise, I think they're equal on a single target fight, so it's personal preference.

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    Yeah same here, I got that trinket as well but I got heroic un-upgraded Cha-ye & Breath of the Hydra.

    Not really sure if it would be a dps-increase to replace one of those with FCoR.

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    According to WrathCalcs its a Single Target DPS Loss of 0,5k (in my case) when I replace Wushoolays NHC with FCoR but a DPS Gain of ~40k as soon as a second target appears.

    Dunno if thats accurate tho because as far as I'm informed Warthcalcs doenst calculate the "cleave"-effect properly (?). Using the 130909 Version atm.

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    Guess Im gonna have to learn how to use WrathCalcs then!

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    I've seen some debate over the Cleave Trinkets on single target fights for other Classes, meaning you only use the Agility/Strength/Intellect Proc without anything to cleave. Most of them were saying a Normal TOT Trinket is better than a SoO Cleave Trinket for a single target fight. Remember you get some more static Stats off the TOT Trinkets even if the Intellect Proc is smaller. Personally I'd stick with a TOT Trinket unless the fight involved a good amount of cleaving like Galakras for example.

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    I was lucky enough to get a heroic Purified Binding, my guild has gotten 2 in 3 weeks lol. & I have a Heroic TF Breath of the Hydra. I got a 553 Frenzied Crystal and told my GM to Shard that shit...it's awful. not even worth it on the few fights it's halfway decent for. Really wanting that multi-strike trinket though! shamans heroic next for us so maybe!
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