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    Which slots to upgrade with valor first?

    I'm very new to PvE and I just started LFR and have pretty much RF-level item in every slot. Also, forgive me if this has been already asked or if it's too nubish of a question.

    Apart from the first and obvious weapon upgrade how do you guys think about all the other slot upgrades in terms of order?

    Is trinket better than legs for example? Are legs better than bracers, because they are more expensive when you buy off vendors for example?

    How do you guys decide on your upgrade order?

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    I think the general priority is: Weapon, Trinkets, Chest/Shoulders/Legs/Head, Gloves, Bracers, Boots, Back, Belt, Neck, Rings.

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    Your best bet is probably to find a Best in Slot list for your class / spec. Items that are on the BiS list (even if it's only the raid finder version) would likely be good candidates. Sometimes it can be good to upgrade based on how hard it will be to find an upgrade. Weapons and trinkets are rarely a mistake to upgrade unless they are terrible fits for your class (e.g. a hunter who get a bow with tons of mastery might not upgrade it in hopes of finding a ranged weapon with crit / haste).

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    thanks for the quick replies guys

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    Weapons and then trinkets are by far the biggest contribution to dps, trinkets have become especially important in MoP.

    After that items with the biggest stat budget like chest/legs and then head, shoulder belt.

    You want to upgrade items with the lowest stat budget last, like necklace/rings/bracers.

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