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    Predatory Swiftness

    Switched back to Feral for funsies for a flex run and I was greeted by this giant graphic blocking all my timers above and below my character. I eventually figured out it was a predatory swiftness graphic. Is this a new Blizzard thing? It could be one of my new addons but it really looks like a Blizzard graphic because it remind me of the T&C graphic.

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    It's part of Blizzard's built in spell alerts. I just switched back to feral from boomkin and it shocked me as well

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    just got added in 5.4 i believe.
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    Is there any way to disable this. Right now i am thankful i am not playing Feral main spec. I don't see how anybody is able to tolerate this.

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    The only way to turn it off is to turn off the in game auras. So you won't be able to see omen procs anymore but it gets rid of PS being shoved in your face.

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    Can someone post a picture of it? Can't get in game atm and Google is being useless.
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    Annoying as hell. Did anyone need/ask for this?

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    it is kind of intrusive. i didn't like it when i was leveling my druid either.

    thought this was gona be about losing instant cyclones.

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    There is an addon called MoveAnything. You can move your procs to wherever you want with it.

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