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    I really don't follow far-ahead update/rumour news or twitter stuff too much so that's (twitter) where I thought anything would have been mentioned (indeed there is some Disc stuff - I thought GC's comment that Disc probably looks better on meters than it is was interesting).

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    That's naughty.

    I almost looked too but then I realized there's no way anything would be out yet.

    Tisk tisk.

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    I dont want to redo the whole cloak questline, so I wont be changing mains. If I quit playing priest, I will quit playing the game. As far as next expansion goes, who knows what they will do to all the classes. Each expac seems to bring so many changes that I forgot how to play most of my alts well enough to raid with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    I dont want to redo the whole cloak questline, so I wont be changing mains.
    This is a huge barrier I agree. My Priest is still at the point where I have to get my rep with Wrathion to honoured and I just cannot bear the thought of going out and grinding that again. Then gathering all the Runestones again.

    What makes no sense here is that an alt doesn't need the cloak to access the Ordos area on Timeless Isle if your main has the cloak, as the alt gets the "jump" ability as well. But I can't actually buy a cloak for the alt. Blizz logic strikes again, I guess (same logic that allows my Priest to sport the Professor title without having even learned how to do Archaeology).

    Professions. And rep... I think I just talked myself out of a main switch even being a remote possibility!

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    My priest is my main, started levelling it as an alt in BC and been playing it as main since woltk. Been playing my druid more and more lately and it's a bit bittersweet tbh all that mobility and utility when I compare with my priest. If I continue playing the next expansion I might go either way. Was on the fence already for panda. Depends a lot what they do with talents and such. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU CHAKRA).

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    Because most people only visit their main-class-forum, so ye, poll ftw...or.

    I play my priest (shadow) because i LOVE the idea with the talents at the moment. To change talents on every single fight and not just one. To figure out what works best for you. That + dots + dispersion + offheals + ofc, leap of faith.

    Changed mains ALOT earlier, but once i started to play shadow, im stuck. And hopefully never "need" to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Direction View Post
    It is to early to say "will priest be you're main for the next expansion" because we know nothing about the next expansion or how/if priests will change in anyway.
    Does it matter?

    Played shadow priest (exclusively, never played Holy/Disc) since Vanilla and always will.

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    I've always been a Priest (I've been several Priests, in fact) and I've yet to tire of it. It's what I'm most familiar with, it's what I enjoy the most. If I want a break from it, I can play an alt and enjoy it for what it is, but I'll always go back to the Priest.

    It's not because of meters, it's not because of lore (...hahahahaha). It's just been the most comfortable fit I've experienced as far as classes available. I might not like some of the changes we've had over the years (I loathe Chakra, it feels counter to being a Priest to me) but even so, it's all that I want to put most of my time into.
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    Until they nerf atonement into uselessness, my priest will be my main for sure. Whenever I join a raid on an alt, I just feel terribly out of control. Also, being ungankable in world PVP is amazing.

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    I play Spriest as my main but are rerolling as we speak, cant tolerate Spriest anymore since we suck.

    Cant tell you how glad i am now that this tier is over.

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    i made my priest my main for this tier from my warlock(we needed a 3rd healer os). i like my priest mainly because i can go heals when i get bored of dpsing. but ill probably change back to my lock for next expac.

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    A better expansion.
    The Poll doesn't support the questions asked.. Is my Priest my Main Today - Yes but it won't be next expansion so which poll thing should I click?

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    The 2 funniest healing speccs in the game - in one class, how cant ya love that? However i don't find shadow fun anymore since the wotlk changes.

    I play my priest as my main instead of my rogue cause disc(And to some degree holy) gives one some lovely tools as a Raid leader. Its easy to fill in a few atonement triggering spells to get an overview of incoming abilities and what is going on, without losing anything.

    Gotta say on another note i miss healing being more simple i gues, less smart healing, less everyone falling to 10% then topped within the next 2-3 sec but thats another story i gues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frmercury View Post
    Look at it this way: as bad as Priests get nerfed we will ALWAYS be more viable than Shaman. In PvE at least.
    Sadly, Enh shaman >>> shadow.

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    I rolled my priest in August 2005 and have never had another main since - I was holy spec until the launch of Mists and only then did I create a shadow off spec to make levelling easier. I couldn't imagine being anything else after so long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    Does it matter?

    Played shadow priest (exclusively, never played Holy/Disc) since Vanilla and always will.
    Couldn't agree with this sentiment more. If you like your class you play through the bad patches: too many people in WoW want to be FOTM and it makes organising a stable and relaible raid team a bloody nightmare.
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    I rolled Paladin in Vanilla as my first character and never looked back! Always players Protection or Retribution.

    My Priest has never even made it to max level, got it to 80 during Cataclysm and it's still there today :P

    I quite like the healing style of a Priest, both Holy and Disc (though they are definitely quite different to play!), but can't face levelling as Shadow or spamming dungeons as a healer without a group. Maybe one day I'll get round to it!

    My Paladin will most likely always be my main though... in case anyone is interested in my full history (cheeky bit of new site promotion coming up here!) check out and read the About Me section
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    I will say most likely I will be playing a priest for the next expansion. I have played shadow since I decided to roll my priest in Cata and have enjoyed the class ever since. I believe shadow will be fine but as much as we have seen disc priest own the heal meters over the course of MoP, I would be a bit worried of possible nerfs/changes in the upcoming expansion.

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    Made my priest in late Cata and it became my main with mop, and I'll probably stick with it. I don't know what it is that I like but the reason it became my main at first was because I had so much fun playing shadow when I tried it out in the pre patch.

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    Historically, my Priest has been my main. I've tried to switch toons a couple of times, but I've always come back to my priest. That being said, I don't really feel like I have a main anymore these days. If I do, it'd be my Warrior.

    I was drawn to the Priest initially back in TBC because a college buddy of mine's casual guild needed a healer. Back then, Discipline was reserved for PvP or a very small number of fights (Gurtogg Bloodboil comes to mind). So naturally, I was Holy. But ever since Wrath of the Lich King, I've been a proud Shadow Priest.
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    Priest since launch, shadow 99% of the time... I've seen many ups and downs over the years, but I will probably roll lock or mage after the next expansion unless some decent changes are made.
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