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    My first toon was a warrior. Leveled my priest mid-LK because we were always short of tank healers (when tank healers were a thing). Eventually we got a holy pally, I went shadow and never ever looked back.
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    After boring myself as a melee DPS i decided to take on a new class with a little more to do! I hope to be playing my priest for some time now!

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    I've been playing a priest since Vanilla and probably will always be my main, was a holy/disc priest up untill recently now my main spec is shadow. Might change with next xpac

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    My priest is my main, and I have no plans to change it. I love dots, and I love OS healing, so priest is where it's at. I can't stand being a big feathery chicken.

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    Played a warrior tank in vanilla, my priest was just a lowbie alt back then. When tBC hit I decided to start over and leveled my priest. Priest's been my main ever since, and I've been a shadow ever since.

    I've dabbled in holy and disco and some other classes, but it's just not the same. Doubt I'll ever change mains or mainspec.

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    My priest has been my main for the past 2 xpacs but I'm probably going to switch to shammy or pally for next xpac

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    Changing to whatever is the current Warlock in next expansion.
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    I've gotten a priest to max level every expansion and I really enjoy them, playing it right now, but I've never mained it. I also only really play it for shadow pvp as well. I think I did a very small amount of PvE sometime in WotlK but it wasn't much. I'm not entirely sure why I haven't played it farther.

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    Since the change to stats came with the cata pre-patch at the end of WotLK, Priests have been in a bad position during the first tier (or even first TWO tiers) of each expansion because they don't start to shine until mana is nearly unlimited, and that only comes with high-ilvl gear. Because of this, it's somewhat painful to start off an expansion as a priest for me, at least in Disc spec which is the only spec I enjoy.

    Unfortunately my old "main" is a Rogue and the exact same thing happens to them because of cripplingly slow energy regen at low haste on first-tier gear. That's why I usually stick to my DK or warlock and jump back in with my priest once ilvl goes up.
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    Had my priest as my main since Ulduar (apart from a horrible 2 weeks as a resto druid!) - can't imagine playing another character because of how attached I am to that one. I do enjoy my shaman alt and my previous mains (paladin/mage/druid) for alt raids though.

    Really hopeful that after Blizzcon I still plan to keep my priest my main.

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    As someone else had mentioned it is still pretty early to make decisions regarding main changing. I will wait until beta is launched and raid testing begins before making any considerations. Even then it is hard to say given the amount of priest changes we saw the first month of live in MoP as a comparison.

    With that said I have mained my priest for the last two expansions and will most likely not switch. I am however very dissatisfied with the super emphasis on atonement healing since 5.2 in 25 man, and since then have been considering changing to my resto shaman that I alt raid on 1-2 nights a week.

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    My priest is one of my favourite alts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by langning View Post
    I will wait until beta is launched and raid testing begins before making any considerations.
    No need to wait, at least for shadow: Shadow will suck balls for the entire beta period, but no one will notice / care because they won't be bringing shadow priests to raid testing. When they start writing patch notes they'll go all "oh fuck we forgot about shadow priests!" They will then buff the spec random and aimlessly the weekend before launch, wait one week, and then revert the buffs if shadow isn't at least 20% under mage / locks.

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    If next Expansion bring a new healing class i might go that or go with my monk. Im kinda tierd of Disc lol, the lamest healing spec of all

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    I play Shadow since TotC and I love it. The dots, the awesome look, everything - since then, I didn't think of reroll ever again.

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    Shadowpriest has been my main since TBC and even with all the nerfs and what not I intend to keep playing it. Though I am still trying to improve my DPS (but seems the harder I try the worse it gets ~_~).
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    I am probably making my priest my main as I love the game play of shadow lots of reaction spells and procs. That is unless they make a ranged tank in the next expac!

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    I have benched my priest a couple of times but always seem to come back to playing it as main. I especially love it after the new Angelic Feather and Void Tendrils. AF make priests one of the fastest classes around and Void Tendrils basicly give us the frost nova spell I loved so much from playing my mage.

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    Yes, Priest is my main and always was =)
    I slept during whole Cata, so i have no idea how Priests were at that time, but when I started in WoTLK (as Ulduar was coming in) I made a Priest and it's my main to this day. Didn't raid on anything other tbh, my alt Hunter is for PvP only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnome View Post
    Is Priest your main character and will it be for the next expansion, and if not.. what is on your mind?
    Actually, why do you play Priest? Is it the spells? The idea of being a holy spirit? Or is it just matter of math, being the best?
    Priest has been my favorite character since I rolled once in tbc, after playing my warlock for a long time. I will continue to play it as my main next expansion and have no plans of changing. I love discipline and have watching it go from a pvp / buff-ish spec to a fully fledged eligible healing spec over the years and every addition to the spec has made me very happy and I continue to enjoy the playstyle. Thats why I play priest.

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