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    I started my Priest (from a Resto/Boom Druid) late into ICC to help my 10/25man raid get Lich King, as we didn't have a single raiding Priest at the time.

    And while I have benched her a time or two to raid as another class (Shaman at the start of Cata [ugh...], Druid tank for DS, and DK tank for early MoP), I always come back to her out of convenience (raid composition), because I miss playing her, or a mix of the two.

    It's too early to tell what I will be playing next xpac, but I wouldn't hate it if it were my Priest.

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    Playing Priest since BC, mainly Holy, mainly raiding. Was good till last week when my guild asked me to switch to shadow for now and ever. After clearing SoO with a shadow, if nothing changes in 6.0, i'll definitely switch to Warlock. I'm quite shocked how miserable shadow's damage is (on a single target ofc, but I'm talking about damage that matters, not multidot padding shit on Klaxxi or something like that); and lacking of cooldowns akin to what every goddamn other class has is too bad. Though, if I'll be able to stay in Holy, i'll keep playing Holy next expansion for sure.
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    Had and played a priest since TBC, but never as my main, my main will always be feral.

    Spec of choice for priest has always been Disc, always has been, always will be

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    My first character was my wee priest back in late WotLK. I'd not long finished playing NWN and I favoured Cleric in that and though a priest was the closest thing in WoW to it, so I tried it out and never looked back. With hindsight, paladin was probably closer to Cleric but I didn't like paladins due to their righteousness and oh-so-holy-everything!

    She's been main-spec Shadow since Firelands since my guild at the time required fewer healers and I've never gone back to healing since Unless they seriously screw her up to the point of being unplayable, I won't be changing mains next expansion either. I do everything on her first before my other characters.

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    Priest was my first character created, and will be what I play until the end. The only alt I have even maxed to 90 was a priest too. I had one alliance and one horde, now both Horde. I have tried other classes, and aside from the occasional Darkmoon Faire or cooking and fishing dailies I never play the others.

    Priest for life

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    Unless they do something terrible to the class, I'll stick with it.
    I rolled my priest the last few weeks before cata and it has been my main ever since (didn't play TBC or wrath).

    I have four 90s currently (priest, mage, paladin and druid) and I havn't found anything I enjoy nearly as much as my priest except my mage (frost) is more fun than shadow imo.
    Shadow just isn't fun to me anymore but I used to enjoy the hell out of it in dragonsoul even though the instance sucked imo :P

    That's alright though, healing has allways been my thing anyways (mainly disc).
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    If they didnt change something dramatically in next xpac i will reroll to warlock and play my priest as alt (probably disc/holy)
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