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    What a total noob. This guy didnt even raid naxx 40. The raid was during classic wow, jerk. lvl 60!
    Bad news bub, Naxx 40 wasn't removed till the very end of BC. And it was actually bloody hard even with 25 Tier 5-6 geared people.
    Random fact.
    You can still craft the cold resist gear in the current naxxramas as the anvil is still there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by igame View Post
    Well, the tier you quote will go down in history as the point at which WoW started to bleed subs. You can say what you want, that's a stigma, no other tier prior to it has to live with. Hell, one could argue evn the lame updates like WoW voice chat were better for subs than T11.
    Also, If you follow blue posts, blizzard themselves admit that the problem with opening raids of cata is that there was no learner raid, it was all super-hardcore-level.
    I wonder sometimes, how can your love for blizzard be so irrational that even when blizz them self admit a mistake, you refuse to see it?
    For the average raider Tier 11 was amazing. For the hand hand,get gear thrown at them crowd it was terrible.It was a short term buisness mistake admitted by blizzard true. But if they had stuck to their guns the need for LFR and mass caterism to casuals would not have been required. Asto a bgeinner/learner raid isn't BH a great place to learn some of the class basics?
    Isnn't the original cata heroics a great place to learn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnabas View Post
    Maybe I just liked the buildup more in that expansion than the past couple. Plus the end boss wasn't totally awful like deathwing and garrosh.
    Disagree, I personally like how they handled Garrosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    uld is one of my favs too, but i did always have 1 gripe about it. its just too big and empty, you could scale the entire geography and architecture down by at least 20% without affecting anything.

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    actually, it did.

    besides trying to say naxx "needed" to be hard is kindof retarted, naxx was the intro raid. like kara. kara was stupid-easy too, for a reason: it was the intro raid, first tier, cant be hard because there isnt any gear before it raid.
    I see you never played TBC at launch, Kara wasn't easy, it was later nerfed to the ground for people like you. You should of tried Nightbane at launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    I see you never played TBC at launch, Kara wasn't easy, it was later nerfed to the ground for people like you. You should of tried Nightbane at launch.
    True, for average raider back in the day Kara bosses took 1-3 weeks to progress through.

    Imo Nightbane was much easier than Malchezzar or Aran or Curator. Nightbane was about not standing in fire and having healers with mp5. We killed him first try, one-shot, took 17min b/c dumb people stood on fire. I miss those days, it felt so epic.

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