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    Why don't you play alliance?

    I know right? Maybe I should ask the opposite seeing that alliance : horde ratios are like 60:40 . But closer looks do reveal that the majority of the core gaming community is horde, espeially at end game.

    what's putting you off allaince? joke reponses are fine, as long as you give a serious one. Also you can answer the reverse question too, if you're a hard core alliance play, why don't you play horde? what's got you stuck only on alliance?
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    I prefer the alliance races, I prefer the alliances cities, i prefer the alliance questlines. But somehow i never manage to get an alliance toon to max level and i always end up with my max level chars being horde. Currently I do have a level 70ish alliance rogue, maybe he will get there one day.
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    I do right now, but it's more because I had friends ask me to tank again.

    I would RATHER play Horde, and here's why:

    First, let's state the obvious: The racials are just better for PVE, although they are relatively minor. However, it goes deeper. The perception is that racials are better. Therefore, more guilds wanting to play at a high level will roll Horde for what they see as an advantage even though outside of perhaps guilds like Method, Paragon and their ilk the racials are so minuscule as to be almost negligible. This has the added effect, though, of meaning there are more raiding guilds that are Horde, and therefore for raiders and wannabe hardcore raiders, Horde is the better choice not necessarily due to any tangible benefits, but due to the fact there are more opportunities for good quality guilds. That's not to say there aren't any good Alliance guilds, but there seems to be more Horde guilds, so more raiders are attracted to Horde because there's a better chance to get into a good raiding guild and more opportunities to get higher progression since more higher-end raiding guilds are Horde.
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    I do play Alliance, but a reason you see more "core" players, especially PvE'ers at endgame, run Horde is because their racials are (marginally) superior in a PvE environment.

    Much like Nobleshield says, it feeds on itself- because the racials are always said to be better, people perceive them as having a greater impact than they do. Because more raiding guilds go Horde for racials, more people think that Horde are better raiders, so more people go Horde, so the endgame Horde population increases, so other people go Horde for access to more active endgame populations, and it goes on and on.

    I play Alliance because that's where my friends were back in Classic... and I've stuck with it because I continue to make friends on my faction and have gotten pretty attached to the Alliance lore and "way of life," so to speak. I've been Alliance for... nearly 9 years now? Since the beginning of 2005. It would just feel kind of wrong to play Horde, even though I like a lot of the races. Alliance is home to me.
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    Alliance doesn't interest me aside from worgen, and that's not enough. Just don't like them.

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    I started Alliance, I'd go back in a heartbeat. But I don't like purple and I do like elves. Blizzard is going to get about $275 from me the day High Elves go in.

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    Because of the background of some races (especially humans).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    I know right? Maybe I should ask the opposite seeing that alliance : horde ratios are like 60:40 . But closer looks do reveal that the majority of the core gaming community is horde, espeially at end game.

    what's putting you off allaince? joke reponses are fine, as long as you give a serious one. Also you can answer the reverse question too, if you're a hard core alliance play, why don't you play horde? what's got you stuck only on alliance?
    Humans. Terrible models, animations, etc... And the males always have this look on their face like they just forgot something...

    I like the cities etc, but I hate seeing humans constantly. They just kill my buzz.

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    My friend, who got me hooked onto WoW, used to play an orc, so me playing a Horde race was a given. Since I was a bit of a metalhead back then, I was immediately sold on the idea of playing an undead affliction warlock. Lo and behold, all those years later this is still my main ;]

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    In the very beginning i started with the Horde because i prefered the Horde story (I like the idea of band of misfits and outcasts, reviled and downtrodden, banding together for mutual support).

    After a while i decided to start some characters in Alliance as well to learn their story lines, and i was up to about 50/50 Horde and Alliance alts. But then i just got tired of the Alliance questing story lines and bad alliance racial bonuses, and also the culture of the Alliance on my server was not as friendly as the culture of the Horde on my server. So i decided to delete most of my Alliance characters and race change to few. Now i have a full set of 11 Horde characters one of each class and i am in a really friendly Horde-side guild.

    By far, Orc is my most favorite race, I have no tauren characters (let's face it, their racial bonuses suck)

    As it stands i have:
    DK (orc)
    Druid (troll)
    Hunter (orc)
    Mage (goblin)
    Monk (pandaren)
    Priest (pandaren)
    Paladin (blood elf) (wish i could play some other race, not a big fan of Belfs or Tauren)
    Rogue (troll)
    Shaman (goblin)
    Warlock (orc)
    Warrior (undead)

    (I do like Gnomes and Worgen though, i would play Gnomes and Worgen)
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    Because when I started, Alliance had Human, NE, gnome, and dwarf. None of those felt cool to me, so I went with Tauren/Undead toons.

    Now, many xpacs later, I tried a Worgen and it was OK, but since my other 10 toons are Horde, he felt kind of alone. So he got deleted.

    I have no tauren characters (let's face it, their racial bonuses suck)
    I guess someone doesn't like "Racial: Run Speed decreased by 5% (visual only)", eh?

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    Only reason I play Alliance is because all raiding-guilds left Horde, and I knew people that played Alliance-side on our server.
    I would much rather be a troll-druid than a worgen-druid, but you cant have it all ^^

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    Actually, I don't play Alliance because I do not like the visuals when casting. Humans just putting a fist in the air while casting just look lame compared to a Blood Elf with both hands outstretched to the side and fingers waving...

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    ive been alliance since i started back in 2006. back then i only chose them because everyone i knew was alliance. i am however glad that was the case because the horde just doesnt appeal to me at all. i dont like any of the cities and i dont like any of the races. i only recently started a horde character in mists because i could be a pandaren.

    from a lore perspective the horde has some amazing stuff going on but so does the alliance. in the long run the alliance will always be my go to choice. i wish they were in game how they are and were in the lore.
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    I prefer Horde to be honest to an extent but my guild is Alliance and im not faction changing my guild or leaving my guild so Alliance it is :P But thats fine because I really dont mind Alliance much either, dont know that I could ever make my Dwarf Paladin a Tauren even if I do like Tauren D:

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    I fucking hate the new orgrimmar so I wouldn't mind playing alliance but recruitment is just easier on horde by a large margin with faction changes being so expensive. Doesn't even matter anymore that the racials are better.

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    Almost the whole civilization of Alliance is the generic fantasy setting you can observe in nearly everything that has "fantasy literature" label on it. Humans, elves, dwarves, it's simply not interesting.

    While some Horde factions share this same weakness with the Alliance, such as Orcs and Blood Elves, the Horde lore is a little bit more fresh. Native American Minotaurs, a completely new simian species with a Jamaican influence(though wish they had chosen another name for them), even the generic orc crap is portrayed as good and honourable for the first time in fantasy literature. This "alliance of outcasts" theme is what makes the Horde worthy of a story of their own, I can't say the same for the Alliance.

    Also racials.

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    I don't like the Alliance race leaders at all, but more than that, the casting animations for Horde are much better, imo.

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    oh, also an addition to the original question, would you switch when the new models come in? Some of you are mentioning poor models and animations, this off course is changing with the new models, would that influence you?

    it's unlikely the story trending will change though, unless blizzard do something drastic that sees a 50/50 balance in numbers, say like human models accessible to the horde - which would give a lot of the newer players who automatically go alliance because human is the only race that they can relate to, without that happening, the devs will ahve to continue to make the horde more attractive through lore, profiling, racials etc... so the next question is:

    What would you play if everything was relatively equal between the two factions: i.e.
    1. Human and night elf models actually looked good, with cool animations just as dynamic as the new blood elf models
    2. Alliance lore finally picked up, no more nerfed Night elves, or docile passive seeming gnomes/draenei/nelves/dwarves etc
    3. in game plots were 50/50, you felt equally as heroic questing alliance as you did horde.

    note, all models would be improved too, this includes Dwarf, gnome, Tauren.

    Finally would you play horde more if you could play living humans (not just undead ones) on there?

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    Who said i dont? Proud alliance since late 2006 (when i started). Back then few of us, highschool friends, were planning to start to play and some of them had previous expiriences with warcraft stuff so they said "we will be alliance". I didnt know much about warcraft lore at that time so i was like "ok". Made a paladin and since then building alliance pride. I seriously didnt have anything against horde at the beginning, it was all the same to me, but 7 years later, i am alliance fanboy and wouldnt even consider to play horde for serious.

    I know its stupid, its just video game afterall, but today, after 7 years of lets call it self-brainwashing, horde just doesnt fit me. Cities look like settlements of someone who never saw a civilization and not actual "cities", races follow same pattern. What is, to my eyes, ugly and repulsive. What is more repulsive is they kill alliance. I couldnt play character that actively works against everything i stand for in this game. Racials and success of raids / pvp and pretty much everything else is of less importance.

    Like i said, to rational person it doesnt make sense, but my heart belongs to the alliance.
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