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    I only have one Horde and many, many Alliance characters. I've played Horde 2007-2009, but after a while I was sick of undead, bones, slime, all that stuff. Horde has never been appealing to me, but my friends wanted to be baaaad orcs, you know... When I told them in 2009 "I don't care anymore, I want to be part of the Alliance" they all went with me and are baaaad dwarfs now. Haha. I just keep my Horde-warrior for seeing the story of the opposite side.

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    I play Alliance - have done since mid tBC - was Horde before - largest raiding guild on EU-Runetotem pre tBC moved to a new realm before the portal event, so friends of theirs and us ( my old guild ) moved with them - now Horde on my current realm is dead - I start to play Ally as friends rolled new Ally toons - been there ever since. Prefered the old Org and SW though - perhaps on another realm it would be good to go back to Horde. I do like my Worgen 'lock though....
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    GTA 5 has not sold so well on PC and the Multi player version (the one that is measured through Xfire) was not that good. It typically shows that on line competitive PC games are played LOOOOONG after they have been published.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    It won't. I'll never respect him until he learns to speak properly and puts some clothes on. I don't want an illiterate naked guy as my leader. To be fair though, it's not him specifically, I just don't like trolls in general. To me it would be like a gnome leading the Alliance.
    Oldest playable race! Elves evolved from Trolls! Beware of da voodoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleshield View Post
    I do right now, but it's more because I had friends ask me to tank again.

    I would RATHER play Horde, and here's why:

    First, let's state the obvious: The racials are just better for PVE, although they are relatively minor. However, it goes deeper. The perception is that racials are better. Therefore, more guilds wanting to play at a high level will roll Horde for what they see as an advantage even though outside of perhaps guilds like Method, Paragon and their ilk the racials are so minuscule as to be almost negligible. This has the added effect, though, of meaning there are more raiding guilds that are Horde, and therefore for raiders and wannabe hardcore raiders, Horde is the better choice not necessarily due to any tangible benefits, but due to the fact there are more opportunities for good quality guilds. That's not to say there aren't any good Alliance guilds, but there seems to be more Horde guilds, so more raiders are attracted to Horde because there's a better chance to get into a good raiding guild and more opportunities to get higher progression since more higher-end raiding guilds are Horde.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doktor Faustus View Post
    Oldest playable race! Elves evolved from Trolls! Beware of da voodoo!
    Draenei are most likely older though.


    I play both sides, but from a storytelling point I must say the Alliance is far too focused on honor and morals, to the point it actually hurts them in warfare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doktor Faustus View Post
    Oldest playable race! Elves evolved from Trolls! Beware of da voodoo!
    but oldest playable race means nothing, in fact the details are so obscure on that blizzard could write anything.. they could even twist it that the elder trolls looked more like elves than they did trolls and magical events altered both, or they looked more like treants. I won't count on that as an excuse.

    further to that, trolls maybe one of the oldest species, but the individual troll is not old at all, night elves you meet are the oldest race in the game from the pov that some of them are over 10,000 years old, no troll alive is over 60 or 70 or however troll lifespan is, and unless they are Zandalari, they are almost completely ignorant of their history. Trolls aren't elves, they didn't keep documents or writings, different culture, the zandalari may have done, as they were the priest clan, but you can appreciate that many of the other groups do not, and they pass on their history through oral tradition. Trolls only recently upgraded to be able to be the higher function classes like Mages, Warlocks and Druids very very recently.

    which is understandble, it's not that their stupid, but you can see the advantage Elves regarding learning magic first by having a much longer lifespan and be the ones to dwell near the well. Furthermore, after causing a near end the world catastrophe, they then spend 10,000 years successfully supprressing and keeping the use of magic exclusively. one group doesn't practice it at all, and vigilantly vigils the races to ensure they never do. The other group, who escape the radar, teach it to humans as their only means of survival against a genocidal intending Forest troll invasion. TLDR - it's not that trolls aren't stupid

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    I play alliance since I started here long ago with my brother and my friends. If I could have made an informed choice I'd have been horde simply for the amazing undead caster animations

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    I've only leveled and played high level on Horde since Classic WoW. I always preferred Horde during the Warcraft series, and when I first heard of WoW all I knew is that I wanted to be a Troll Axethrower (we all know how that turned out). Alliance for me has always been too focused on building the Human story. Next would be Night Elf, and I'd argue the remaining groups have little to none lore anymore; their stories have ceased and are built into aiding the Humans/NE's.

    If there was more development for Dwarfs and Gnomes, even Worgen (sorry I hate Dranei), I'd actually consider rolling a main on the Alliance side. Ironforge is one of the coolest capitals in the game, and I love the Gnome starting quests; but after you've leveled out of that zone you basically never return. Even as a Horde player I'm really getting burnt out on the Horde development throughout these last two expansions. Thrall was so overdone in Cata, and now Garrosh, hopefully there will be somebody from the Alliance side who will make a great impact on the lore this time around.

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    Alliance races are lame for the most part. Worgen and Draenei are ok though. I also have a hard time playing a race other then Tauren.
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    Because my character is horde and I hate alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    I know right? Maybe I should ask the opposite seeing that alliance : horde ratios are like 60:40 . But closer looks do reveal that the majority of the core gaming community is horde, espeially at end game.

    what's putting you off allaince? joke reponses are fine, as long as you give a serious one. Also you can answer the reverse question too, if you're a hard core alliance play, why don't you play horde? what's got you stuck only on alliance?
    Three reasons.

    1. Horde have for a long time had an edgier feel that is as we know a big draw to a lot of people.

    2. There was a perception that came out of vanilla that the horde were bad ass adults vs the noisy kids of the alliance. Hard to say if this was true back then as I only started playing around the time of Naxx, but it is a perception that has lingered.

    3. Bad writing. Looking at the writing for both sides, the horde always came across as the faction that was tougher, smarter, and in conflicts the horde tended to come out on top.

    The biggest offender was the writing in WC3 and early WoW (since the influx of new blood since cata has been fairly small I suspect).

    In order to make both factions balanced re-wrote so much lore to essentially try and make the alliance seem like asses. Just ask people about the internment camps and they will scream how there were concentration camps and how the Horde was right in everything they did. They basically ignore all of Wc1 and Wc2 (since they likely didn't play it) and with Bliz's edits (look up doomhammer pre Wc3), it just made things worse.

    Basically in story, design and overall feel the Horde was simply done better.
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    I have high level Alliance and Horde toons.

    However, for the Alliance, I only play as Gnomes or Dwarves... and one Pandaren but they, like me, play both sides so I don't really consider it an "Alliance race"

    I hate, hate, hate the Night Elves.
    I can't stand the Humans (and as such the Worgens)
    Space Goats have never thrilled me.

    I enjoy the Alliance story, but just as a matter of personal taste, find Night Elves and Humans to be so stuck up I just want to reach through the monitor and slap them.

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    Lame lore
    Space goats
    Humans and their liability when it comes to being manipulated by dragons
    Horrible racials (Sorry, Dwarf's are fine)
    Pink haired gnomes
    Cyan haired gnomes

    Did I mention gnomes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Compstance View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ChowChillaCharlie View Post
    Because I'm a man, and men play Horde.
    Sounds like a sausage fest.
    mmm, sausage, ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valort View Post
    Humans and their liability when it comes to being manipulated by dragons
    As I say, bad writing.

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    well for me the alliance races are just not very cool looking.

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    I'm currently alliance, have been for 7 years. All my friends from school played alliance, so I joined them as well. I usually have human characters but my favorite race is the dwarves. Maybe it's because I loved the book the hobbit as a child, and his other books. So Ive always felt attached to that race. I currently play an enhance shaman. To be honest I've always wanted to try horde, since the other side always seemed to have the advantage guild wise, population and such. But, my loyalty to the alliance was always there. It just kinda grows on you.

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    I've played and raided a lot with both factions from vanilla to the end of WoTLK. Despite everyone saying that alliance are the "pansy good guys", every single horde guild vent I went into was full of bitchmade pansies who whined at even the slightest hint of profanity or risque joke. So I preferred playing alliance because the community on the 3-4 servers I had played on were always a lot better and more entertaining. From cataclysm on I just play the faction that my current pvp team is.

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    Because I'm a masochist. There is no legitimately compelling reason to play Alliance over Horde. In the storyline the Alliance is a setpiece for the Horde, Horde leveling quests are more developed, and Horde racials are better for PvE and PvP.

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    I started back in Vanilla, and well I wanted to play a Shaman (the best class) so I had to go Horde for that, I mean I would play horde anyway because in lore the Alliance are just douches, racist and grumpy and whiny. I mean with out a doubt both sides have had "evil" characters, but characters who were inherently evil happened to just be obnoxious douchetards more often on Alliance side, Daelin Proudmoore, Garithos, Arthas (before he started going nuts) just a whole bunch of whiny babies. So I've been disgusted by the Alliance for a looooong time, I mean War3 times. Then to top it off the Vanilla Alliance race choices were super, super, super boring. You had Humans, Tall purple Humans, Short Humans and Shorter Humans. At least the horde offered some frigging diversity. Orc/Tauren all the way!!!

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