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    Because Horde is better?

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    i play horde, cause i found them the most enjoyable too play faction from W3.
    on top of that my friends also rolled Horde at the time.
    nowadays i stay with horde cause it just feels right, tried alliance alts but something is just missing.

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    I play alliance mostly because I like their "stance" more from an RP point of view but not a day goes by when I miss playing my Warlock as an Undead female or my Warrior as an male Orc. The Horde races are just way better when it comes to animations and everything. Better questing also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    I don't play Alliance because they're boring good guys with no personality.

    Just compare Night Elves in Warcraft 3 and WoW. First they were savage territorial amazones, now they're just purple human hippies. They were stripped of their personality. Same thing happened to Worgen, they were cool in their starting zone but any other encounter with them in the game? meh. Draenei are space hippies. And let's not get started on Humans, the most boring race of all. Gnomes are a joke. What more do we have? Dwarves? Yeah, I guess Dwarves are the least boring on the Alliance.

    I think the problem with the Alliance is that they're too much the standard good guys you find in any story that they simply lack a personality. Flaws are what makes a race interesting in my opinion, it makes for a story and a driving force. Garrosh had his flaws, that's why he was so interesting. Thrall doesn't have any real flaws, that's why he's boring. That's pretty much it. Now swap the words Garrosh with Horde and Thrall with Alliance, that's how I see it.
    Does the Orcs have anything but flaws though? Seriously?

    I get why people like trolls, tauren, hell even forsaken. But orcs atm. They are just one big flaw, they are more or less like kids with special needs.

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    Raiding mainly. There are alot more hardcore guilds on horde side. Also racials.
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    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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    Because back in the day, horde players were way more "Trolly" you could say, so jokes were made and I like that type of community better. + Tauren master race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miuku View Post
    Both of them were created to appeal to the horny testosterone guzzling teenage male demographic, do you consider yourself to be one?
    Hooves and Tails are made for Horny Testosterone guzzling teenage males? Cows of the world... Watch the F out :P

    I may have already answered why I don't play alliance in this thread, but to be honest, I don't remember...

    That said. I don't play Alliance because of Male Blood Elves and Caster Gear. I started as Alliance and from BC forward, I wanted my main to be a belf. Got the opportunity to do it when Challenge Mode Dungeons were released and huzzah... All but one of my toons are now Horde. I keep the one Alliance toon around for when the Horde AH doesn't have what I want... Usually the Alliance side does. ^_^

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    A Friend who got me to play WoW years ago played horde so yeah it was given I had to play horde if we wanted to play together. So there was my first character: a troll. Horde. Followed by an undead priest, later bloodelves, tauren, goblins, pandaren - in between, yes I've also played/play alliance now and then, a shaman draenai, a nightelf priest + gnome mage. There's about nothing I didn't play really xD
    But I usually play horde just because I got used to it I guess and also some friends do so

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    Played alliance before, now I'm horde. Can't really switch since all my friends and my guild are horde. I would love to get one to 90 tho, just too lazy to start one.

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    Back during the ancient times called Vanilla, and shammy's where exclusive to horde I had to play horde to play one (I blame the game manual though, chain lightning made me do it!) And since everyone I play with and know ingame plays horde there's no reason for me to switch
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    seem to be a lot of people avoiding alliance because of the crappy models... would they switch if the new models are better?

    it also seems a lot are also avoiding alliance because of the boring monotonous blandness or similarity of it's themes/races

    i.e. the despise is largely artificial - alliance is far less exciting in WoW than they appeared to be in WC 1-3 RTS games... have you ever thought why? it also occurs to me that new models and focusing a bit of writing on the alliance could drastically alter it's attraction. So why do you think this has not happened yet?

    Can I suggest that it's because the alliance still outnumbers the horde, and changing either of those 2 is an unaffordable choice. So as long as there continues to be this imbalance, you're in for more sucky alliance stories and there is a potential that there will be crappier models. current faction balance puts alliance 55/45 on some surveys, 60/40 on other servers over the horde. To keep you picking the horde, the alliance has to be written down, I also think this si why the most enhacnign racials have still remained on the horde and why they are not being removed as they are also a source of attraction to go horde.

    blizzard need a far more reliable to ensure people pick horde rather than having to bend the story, skew the lore, design more engaging plots, quests, cooler features, better racials to the horde, it's one of my biggest frustration with the management of the franchise, and it's killing it. The story has come too lopsided, great if you only play horde, but if you play both, and you loved the old style, it sucks. anyway i have been convinced for nearly a year now, that if blizzard makes available humans on the horde as a sub-race of forsaken when they give sub races, and make a bit of noise about it, this alone and single handedly would balance the numbers. because humans are the reason the alliance has the advantage.

    don't make humans exclusive to the alliance, give the horde their own humans, make them undead forsaken who somehow got cured by some freak accident or some agent in a kick ass storyline. they don't have to be given alliance human models, no, they just need a version of human, I suggest give them modified humanized blood elf models. So it's the same blood elf model with it's animations, but you change the voice emotes by recording new ones, you obviously give human ears, eyes, eyebrows and facial hair options (male only) and some of the more elven male hairstyles for human ones.

    so yes, horde humans will look different from alliance humans, but they'll be there and you no longer have to keep pumping up the horde to get us to keep picking the hordeso the numbers won't lag behind alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    so yes, horde humans will look different from alliance humans, but they'll be there and you no longer have to keep pumping up the horde to get us to keep picking the hordeso the numbers won't lag behind alliance.
    Do you just copypaste your "humans in Horde" rant into every thread you read?

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    When I started my friend who got me into it was horde, so naturally I made a horde. Back then Bleeding Hollow was about 50-50 and W-PvP was good. eventually I followed another friend to the alliance and I'd played over there for a few years. It wasn't until recently I switched back to my old main, the only character I would never Xfer (my UD rogue) because I was fed up with instant queues into losses and just the general tone of alliance BGs: 2 minutes in and their whining about it and saying lets just let them win.

    These days I play horde because I found a guild with a fun group of people and I don't really want to leave, but if they decided to go alliance I would have no qualm about following them.

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    Most of vanilla I did actually play horde, but eventually my brother quit the guild we raided in and rerolled horde on a fresh server.
    He basically wanted to pvp with the Undead racial.
    I eventually followed him there a few months later, and I have played horde on that server ever since, for the full duration of every expansion.

    I do have some alliance alts though, playing with my other brother when he was still around.
    Haven't touched them since cata however.

    I am not sure I have a lot of Faction pride, but I identify strongly with the tauren, who have been my main race of choice for the majority of my most played characters.
    I have built up a lot of affection over the years for the surroundings I've played in, which has also kept me in place.
    That, and I find gnomes fucking lame(!). (Mekkatorque is okay).

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    Quote Originally Posted by felhunter View Post
    i play horde, cause i found them the most enjoyable too play faction from W3.
    on top of that my friends also rolled Horde at the time.
    nowadays i stay with horde cause it just feels right, tried alliance alts but something is just missing.
    I play Horde also, and I am the same. I loved Warcraft III, because of the Horde.
    Yeah mostly my friends now are Horde and Alliance. :P
    Yes, and I love the Horde and always will. Yeah about that, I did have Alliance chars at cata, but I deleted them and I enjoyed Horde more.
    Now its like I am trying them again and something feels amiss and missing like you said.
    For the Horde!

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    I've tried to play Horde quite a lot of times. But I always gravitate back to Alliance, because... I don't know. I can't place a finger on WHY I play Alliance.
    Is it because I like the look of the races more?
    Partially. But I love the Undead and the Goblins.

    Is it because I prefer the lore of the Alliance more?
    Partially. But to me, the Tauren lore is fascinating, as is the Blood Elf.

    I think, if I had to narrow it down to something, it would be familiarity. I'm more familiar with the Alliance... everything. Sure, I want to branch out into Horde (I like the social aspect of WoW though, so if someone can point me towards an active Horde guild on EU, I'll give it a go!) but I'm more familiar with the Alliance everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razecog View Post
    Raiding mainly. There are alot more hardcore guilds on horde side. Also racials.
    yeah..the hardcore endgame scene is pretty horde centric.

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