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    I admit, I have no point being in this thread, as I am an even split. I have 4 characters I play about evenly; 2 Alliance 2 Horde (draenei paladin, worgen druid, troll shaman, goblin rogue) and I must say as alt friendly as WoW is these days I thoroughly enjoy having both.
    I like seeing both sides of the fence and having the experiences of both factions. Feeling Horde-ish today? Fine, I'll go Horde. And vice-versa and so on and whatnot and whathaveyou. Also I'm a lore nerd and questaholic and I get a little bit of a nerdgasam when there are complimenting quests (like in Grizzly Hills when Horde has a quest to imbue eagles with spiritual sight to observe the Alliance and Alliance has a quest to kill eagles as they're being used as Horde spies).

    Although, to be honest, if I had more time in life, the difference would be split Hordeside, as my troll warlock would be the next to receive playtime love. Because trolls.

    Facts I've been told: Horde will never have paladins/Alliance will never have shaman, goblins/worgen/pandaren will never be playable races, demon hunters will never be a playable class, Blizzard will never sell in-game items for real world money, Blizzard will never have classic servers, the max level cap can't go past 100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmalus View Post
    Back in 2005, nothing about the Alliance said "This will be a new and interesting experience." since they seemed like another generic human/dwarf/etc. fantasy kingdom that could be found in basically every fantasy game ever. So Horde I went. Now I'm just too dug in to move. I'd rather they got rid of the faction divide completely.
    I'd agree with you there, though I'm torn, I like the distinctiveness that is the horde and alliance, though I don't mind Panderans, humans and elves being shared, cos that's already in the lore - there is a certain amount of ownership players on either faction feel about their fave races, it's like blood elf hard core fans won't want to see there fave race avail on the horde, or night elf hard core fans see there fave race on the horde..but then again, now I think think about it, if you were a true night elf fan you woudln't midn that much night elves been on the horde, cos you'll just roll a night elf to play horde.. blood elf, is slightly differnt, because when playing thaat race on the alliance they'd be high elves, and high elves are a different profile to blood elves even though there the same race. Playing high elf sadly is not the same as playing blood elf on the alliance.

    butt ehn, i've also quite liked realism, and in a good story, you might have the odd race that decided to join the other side. it's a common thing with humans .but remember blizz having so many races have to define each group.. still i would like it, but i won't like many cross overs, it should be a rae thing.

    I'd be happy with the solution of something like having to littlrally spend a similar time investment like it took you to level from 1-90 to actually get a toon of yours to switch faction without changing his race. and it would not be poossible to buy a faction change in the same ace, it's something you can only do through some serious hard questing, pvping, raiding it would keep the number f cross overs down

    blizzard perhps shoudl consider this.

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    Because they don't have Blood Elves.
    Fairly simple in my case.

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    I'm playing a fantasy game and don't want my character to be a boring old human, a short human (dwarf), even shorter human (gnome), human with pointy ears (night elf), human werewolf, .... or space alien.

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    Cause I play on Moonguard, and Alliance RP is absolutely pathetic.

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    Because I can go to any other fantasy game in existence and play the standard issue, Tolkien-eqsue 'good races', aka Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits/Gnomes, etc. I can be a human in a medieval inspired, castle-town city, be a dwarf that likes to drink and smith in an underground kingdom, be a nature-loving magical elf in a pretty forest.

    But how many games can I play an orc, a troll, a minotaur, a zombie, and an 'evil' elf and not be an irredeemable force of evil in the world that the above mentioned 'good races' must destroy?* Not many. In fact, almost none. I can be the good fantasy stereotype in another game, so why pass up the opportunity to play something different?

    * - nb4 alliance fanboys ignoring the whole rebellion thing and claiming otherwise.

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    i do....i like horde races/ story so much better but outside sw / goldshire beats outside org any day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xarnius View Post
    I have my mains on alliance, but I'm interested in trying out horde. Currently levelling on hordeside(35 atm), and I like it.

    This is how I like each race, both horde and alliance:

    Orc - love lore ,their ingame visuals & sounds
    Tauren - love the lore & ingame sounds
    Undead - I used to think they were cool, so I have a couple level 60s, but don't like them too much anymore.
    Troll - Meh
    Blood elf - Love the lore, their ingame visuals, sounds & starting zones.
    Goblin - Liked the starting zones the first time I levelled there, but not as epic as the blood elf starting zones.

    Pandaren - Liked it the first time I levelled there, but not as epic as the blood elf starting zones.

    Human - Not particularely fond of them.
    Dwarf - Like their ingame sounds & zones, also love their lore.
    Night elf - Love their lore, like their ingame sounds & visuals, but got tired after levelling through the zones every now and then for years.(I still love the soundtracks in night elf territory).
    Gnome - Like their ingame visuals(mages look really cool in BC magegear). For starting zones see dwarf.
    Draenei - Love the lore, like ingame sounds, soundtracks & visuals.
    Worgen - The starting zones were fun the first time playing through them.

    I played alliance independant of races, I played with my uncle, so all my characters were alliance.
    Question for you, how do you think the new race models woudl affect you?

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    Their races/story aren't compelling.

    I originally joined the horde because my sister was horde, and she got me into the game but now I can't ever see myself going Alliance. (I have made ally toons to see their starting areas, but that's it.)

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    I played horde all through vanilla and TBC. In wotlk I rerolled alliance and played it the entire expansion. In Cata I looked for something new and attempted to reroll horde once more. I couldn't, I was outraged and disgusted at the quests telling you to do outright evil things, particularly undead and belf quests. I think I stopped in Ashenvale when I had to take out a nelf commander fighting to protect the forrest.

    No ideea how can the horde be considered as on the side of Good (essentially) while having the undead and the goblins in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    It's as simple as "when I started playing, all my friends decided on horde for no particular reason".

    I've rolled a few ally toons, but never got very far with them.
    was it because you were playing end game horde most of the time? or cos you found horde easier/more familiar or alliance turend out a bit too boring? if so, why?

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    I like being the "evil races". Even though they aren't considered evil, I like the idea of them being the "bad guys". I rolled horde since Vanilla and will always continue to play horde.

    Back in TBC I played alliance for about a year because my friends went over there, I will never go back... I'm just stuck to horde now and that's that.

    P.S. - For the Horde!

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    Playing Alliance is lame!

    Anyways more serious reasons now:
    It's boring to always play the "good guys" especially when we finally get a choice to play the more "evil" side let's say.
    Not many games indeed let you play the orcs,trolls etc etc.
    Quite many let you play Dwarves, Elves and especially Humans!
    I hate their races, especially space goats...
    I really like the Horde lore much more.
    I like Horde racial leaders much better too.

    Maybe I will edit more if I can think of anything else.

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    Canada,we've got freedom too, except we don't pretend to be american when we travel.
    I just cannot for the life of me get used to the other side's flight points, so tired of flying into SW and saying 'oh shit' as guards give chase.
    Does that make me the premiere homing pigeon of wow?
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    Started Horde, female tauren, because the Alliance races just looked so normal and boring. I played Horde for some time before moving Alliance due to the server being horrible in terms of faction balance. On Horde we had 2, maybe 3 active raiding guilds and at least one of them had a main roster filled with jerks. SO, Alliance I went. I then changed back Horde for about 7 months when I got a spot in a Horde raiding guild, but it began falling apart right before we hit Lich King and when it finally did I went Alliance again for the benefit of a living economy. Stayed on Alliance through end of WOTLK, all of Cataclysm and a few months of MoP after that since I had friends on Alliance (still do) and also found a home in a Portuguese guild through a friend who hardly plays anymore. We had some good times raiding Dragon Soul and the first tier of MoP but the guild had during this time moved to Aggra, the portuguese PVP server, and things went downhill. Activity went down and with each gank/having to fight off attackers in order to just pick a herb or loot a questmob on Isle of Thunder, I decided it was enough and moved server with my toons. It was obvious that I was going back Horde once and for all on my main toons.

    I feel at home again. The races, cities, lore, quests, quality...everything just feels superior on Horde. Nowadays when I go into Stormwind on one of my 3 Alliance alts, I feel crowded and boxed in since those streets aren't made with flying mounts in mind. Orgrimmar never gives me that feeling. Alliance feels like a rerun of the regular fantasy stories apart from the space goats. Horde feels unique in races and cities and zones.

    I have 14 level 90 toons, 13 of those are on Draenor Horde and 1 is on Silvermoon Alliance. I will no doubt have more Alliance toons simply because over the years I've grown very fond of the dwarves, BUT if I would be forced to choose one side, it'd be Horde forever.

    Today I race changed my DK, who has been a female belf due to a brainfart I had when moving her from Alliance, into a male orc with the white skin available to DK's and I almost had a fangirl moment...My DK looks badass now, something I just for the life of me couldn't achieve on Alliance. Worgen DK? Well, maybe if 2-hand animations on the males didn't involve constant spinning through the air and the females didn't run like their legs are made out of wood.

    I often get that Horde only attracts teenage boys wanting to be badass, I also believed that for quite some time but...I feel it too, and I'm a 27-year old female. The darker theme of the Horde appeals to me, and I can't wait for the day when we get new models so I can finally roll a female tauren again!
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    I can guarantee you with all the money in the known universe that people are better raiders today than from Vanilla.

    100%. Professional raiding as well as raid design have evolved a ton since those days, they are hardly comparable at this point imo

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    I don't mind. I do PvE with the Horde, because I was going to reroll on a new realm and thought "Troll Priestess...sounds nice". I still roleplay on my old alliance-realm, though.

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    When I started to play the game, back in Vanilla, I wanted to play a Shaman. As Shamans were only horde, that solved it for me. Later on, around patch 1.7-ish I decided to try out a Paladin, so I rerolled on another server and played for a bit. I got him to level 22, I believe, and then deleted him.

    I prefer to level through quests rather than dungeon runs, though I will run a few while leveling, and the beginning Alliance quests, I found, to be full of a lot of whiny NPC's who wanted you to help them out because the Kingdom wasn't. I rolled a human, btw, not sure if it is different from the other races side.

    As a Orc Shaman the quests at the beginning were all filled with urgency that stuff needed to get done to settle this new territory in Horde hands so that the Horde as a whole would be safe. Much of the questing revolved around "This is OUR land now!!! Prove it to them!" attitudes from the NPCs.

    In the last few years I've lost a lot of my game time so I don't have the time to go back and see if the starting Alliance quests got any better, but from what I saw back then I was barely able to tolerate getting out of the starting zones before I just wanted to smack the NPCs for whining so much, on the Alliance side.

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    I play both. I have an Alliance main (pandaren monk) and a Horde main (goblin warrior). Horde quest areas and storylines have always been more use-friendly and entertaining... until Cata =(

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    Because my friends played Horde.
    And now they've quit it's because my other toons are Horde.
    And Sin'dorei. Because Sin'dorei.

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    alliance is just so boring

    short humans (dwarfs)
    shorter humans (gnomes)

    im kidding a bit there

    but draenei and worgen are the only cool races they got, horde is just generally more interesting.
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