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    [Frost] Need help with Frost Rotation, Burst and Stats

    Hello my fellow Mages,
    I just respecced Frost because Arcane is for our Heroic tactics like hell...

    So first of all... which stats are the best? Fullhaste? Fullmastery? I read Akraens advanced guide but it confused me more then it helped^^
    Wasn't too much haste bad because of our GCD?

    Next is the Rotation, especially in Burst..
    When do I cast my Alter Time? What proccs do I cast first? And do you cast every CD you have or do you save some like IV or Frozen Orb for later?

    I'm pretty overwhelmed with Frost right now... With ToT I hadn't that much problems >.<

    Thanks for any help,

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    Not much have changed since ToT, mastery is different but doesnt affect rotation too much ANYWAYS read Akraens guide one more time and Kunis stickied frostguide and you`ll be good to go.

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    Whether you go for full haste, full mastery, or mix haste/mastery is personal preference. They're all good in their own way.
    Full haste would be better for multitarget fights, but at high haste levels this build becomes really annoying (imo, akraen seems to love it) because you'll be below gcd most of the time)
    Full mastery is generally better for single target fights.
    Haste/mastery mix is in between which is the build I'm using now. Atleast 12684 haste, rest on mastery > haste. But I don't have to worry about reaching that breakpoint, so much haste on my gear already.
    As far as the rotation and opener go, check out kuni's frost guide for that.

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