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    Increase magic damage taken by 5%.. What class/spec casts it?


    So I am wondering if anyone here knows where to look or off the bat knows what classes cast this ability? My main is a hunter and I am looking to collect all pets that provide buffs / debuffs to mobs that I can go visit a stable master and use if we're missing it.

    I got pretty much everything down except for I'm not sure what classes / spec casts this ability. Any help?

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    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
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    Warlocks and rogues.
    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    Bam, there you go.

    Bah, got beaten to it.. Point still stands!

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    You almost had me!
    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    As many said, http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/ is one of the best tools out there in that it shows you who can bring it and if you put your raid comp in you can see what is missing.

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    curse of elements by warlocks

    master poisoner by rogues

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    Hunter's wind serpent.

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