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    Post The Achievement Game!

    So recently iv become stuck on these damn achieves in this xpack. Just dont know what to get anymore lol. So here is the deal, Post your armory (in each of your posts plz) and also look at the armory on top of you and tell that guy to come get X achieve.
    The Game!
    Every time you get the achieve that you got challenge to get , come back and tell us, Add a Point in the start of your new post (ie i got 3 achieve that had been challenged to me so i would post a 3 at the start of my post, and then keep the game going by telling the guy on top of your post to go get X achieve

    Dont tell people to go get achieves that would take forever. Don't tell someone to go get 100k h kill if they are like 10 k away from it. If they are lets say 1k sure but nothing crazy same apply for other big achieves like that. Also don't tell people to go get an achieve that costs more than 1kg You can challenge FoS (non crazy ones, unless they are almost done lets say they have 1 more rep for insane title, then yeah you can tell em to get that)

    MY ARMORY http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...wflexin/simple

    Lets play

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