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    Should I start PVPing again? is it worthwhile??

    hey guys,

    I recently have found some more time to PVP again because i mainly raid. I wanted to know if the current season fun and worthwhile for me to play PVP, I expect that i could end the season with a good rating. But if i dont pvp i can spend more time learning how to play guitar and more time on my other hobbies.

    PS: I will be either playing my lock or more enhance for 2s and 3s

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    PVP is shit nowadays and wpvp is ruled by dragon slayers as pvp gear doesn't actually matter in wpvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molestron View Post
    PVP is shit nowadays and wpvp is ruled by dragon slayers as pvp gear doesn't actually matter in wpvp.
    about wpvp i guess your right i did a 300+ k choase bolt on my pve geared lock which is only 553 without all my cds

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    2v2 is a cluster fuck as always. With double Blood DK teams topping the ratings and other stuff like that. Crowd choose you is stupid.

    Win trading is back in force.

    Random Bgs reached such an abysmal state that you miss the good old days when your BG group was full of idiots. At least they were human. Nowadays its flaming bots everywhere.

    World PvP is stupid. I mean there is no logical balance. Raiders one shot everything. But ranged raiders just dominate, they can kill you often with 1 cast. Like literally global you unless you are a tank.

    3v3 is still barely afloat, but it's dominated by Fotm set ups.

    5v5 is a myth.

    The only pvp format that still seem to have something of a semblance of balance and fun are RBGs.
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    Just do 2v2 for the gear, tank the ratings if you have to do so. Once well geared, get a good comp and spam 3's. PVP is annoying at present due to over abundance of turbo cleave and warrior reckstorm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molestron View Post
    PVP is shit nowadays and wpvp is ruled by dragon slayers as pvp gear doesn't actually matter in wpvp.
    Dragonslayers? What? How long did i sleep? When did we get dragonslayers? :<

    From my nooby viewpoint it's fun to pvp. You can still own people sideways if you have good pvp-gear and they don't, but the leveldifference isn't so absurd.
    I haven't played much arene overall during the years. Tried shortly this expansion with a healing monk, and me as feral, and went pretty fast to 1900, which is the higherst i've gotten so far.
    3v3 with same monk+warlock and me with both DK and feral was fun.

    the whine about double DK seems like.. whine tbh. First off: I've met ONE double dk team, and they lost. Second: It's no worse than priest/hunter. Difference is it lasts longer and you still lose. 3v3 is fun i think. 2v2 is a bit imbalanced due to blizzard not balancing around it. They said they would consider to balance around it though, due to so many playing it. Hope not, since it probably will fuck 3v3 up.
    Crowd chose you.. meh. At my level i have never met a team aiming for that, and blizzard change it now, anyway to reduce healing instead after 10 minutes which does seem better, and can end in a draw again. Fixed, and people whine because they still haven't seen that.

    BGs. Messy as always. You rarely get completely nuked down though, unless you have a particular bad class. Tbh i still find them fun. Silvershard mine is great for pvpbattles.

    Both lock and enhance is good. Haven't played my lock this season but it was ridiculously op(as affli), in bgs, last season. Destro should be strong too, but i get bored from that playstyle, sadly.

    To sum it up. If all that is fun for you is to dominate others, and nuke them down in 2 seconds. This isn't your patch.
    If you want longer games with battles, you might have fun.
    Only thing you can be a bit annoyed about is how you really have to align your cds to kill people in arena, when you get a bit higher up.

    Hope for bots on your side, since they play better.
    Every bg i see people whine about players being bots.The botting is higher than i would like, but far far faaaaar as bad as most will let you think. This coming from one which main interest is the study of AI, and i want to strangle the fucking morons that can't see the difference between players and bots, and the other way round.
    Currently most of the bots is a pain in the ass. The better of them targets you the second you damage them, and i just leave them alone, if thye have good gear since it's much easier to handle players :P
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