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    F2P/B2P's probably the main thing that'll make me think about starting to play again. Other than that, a good talent/spell system overhaul.
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    To me enjoyment goes hand in hand with immersion, timeinvestment and difficulty.
    S0 natrually what blizz can do for me is adding content with those 3 qualities.

    So lets start with the most basic part of the game. Questing and leveling:
    For this part of the game i whould for the first have worldcontent that i can die on. i want even the basic normal mobs to have abilities that hurts. Similar to the raremobs of pandaria. The ordon sanctuary is a good example for how i whould like the average world mob to be (thou with less hp else things whould go to slow ). Now to move on to the quests. Im tired of the loot 10 if that and kill 10 of those while downing that named mob and using that Qitem on 5 blablabla. (those 4 types of quests happens far to many time simultaniously).
    It leaves me feeling like im a driver on a highway, driving fast and efficiently until i reach my destination. Well guess what? I dont want a highway, i want an adventure, i wanna go and do orientation throu the woods to get to my destination, i want a journey that rememberable!
    So instead of these generic boring quests, i want a story and a questline that have meaning, if im taking out a fortress i dont want to ride right in and aoeing everything down, i wanna sneak in throu the window takoing out my targets 1 by 1 while avoiding dangerous patrols. slowly working my way to the armory and placing my bombs or whatever. Increase the exp to make up for the slower pace imo. But back the RPG in mmogrp.
    And as you can immagine i want elite quests, because its them you remember, its them that takes time, and cooperation, its teh elite quests that challenge you. I still to this day remember nearly all of the elitequests i encountered in vanilla from lvl 1 to 60 (yes im serious, they stand out so much more the average quest). IF any1 reading this played vanilla wow my view on how a good elite quest should be is something like Jin'ta alor in The hinterlands. or the quest chain in blasted lands wich end up on top of that mountain where you kill that demon. Thats how i want questing to be like.

    Now more about the world, i love the loremasters faction in mop. it was great! so was lorewalker chos Quests. MORE MORE MORE of that! also i liked how some things where hidden, raremobs, objects questmobs. exploring should be something rewarded and i think it adds alot to immersion to have something hard to find.

    and scratch flying mounts, the convenience isnt worth ruining the immersion imo, and the effieince of them removes teh chioce from those who whould rather not have used them.

    Now onwards to instances. I had great fund doing challengemode this expansion, but id love it if the challengemode difficulty was teh first difficulty i saw, it whould ad so much more immersion if i hadnt already farmed teh damn instance 20times on normal/hc and already formed my opinion of the instance that it sucked.

    As for raids, i think mop had great raids, keept it up blizz! The one thing id hcange whould be to remove the restriction on hc difficulty so that you didnt need to spoil the fun on normal mode. Allowing the hardcore guilds that wants it to actually go hc on day1 of patch instead of day 8. Sure they whould eventually have to switch to normal but that first week of NEW content, and thexitement to see whats next after every bosskill whould be great

    I whould also put a maxilvl on brawlers guild because overgearing those fights were pretty sad.

    edit: shields, robes, cowls and capes could look so much better.
    I want cowls that cower my whole back and that fly in the wind
    i want robes that cower ym whole body, (think gandalf or the jedi/sith robes)
    i wanna be able to not show gloves/shoulders.

    TL;dr Challenging content to all the aspects of the game im ok with it being optional, as long as its there. Leveling and dungeon farming with godmode on isnt fun at all.
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    Massive Pandaren genocide.
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    Blizzard doing more things in PvP.

    Doing real things with PvP. Also making people realize it isn't a "minigame"

    I want cool armors from PvP like challenge mode armor sets. I want everything a raider can get except in the form of PvP items if you get my drift. Like they get mounts? We get mounts. Not the PvP stigma mount.

    Oh we made cloud serpents? Lets just slap on some random color and call it a gladiator mount.

    I want unique and cool ones like the RBG mount.
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    -For me less Pandas. That means once we're out of Pandaria we aren't swimming in Panda NPCs.
    -Some real lore that doesn't center around the Humans.
    -Abilities working differently in PVP and PVE which leads into them actually balancing PVP.
    -No more knee jerk class obliterations because a vocal few cry (see: Rogues being worthless).
    -Lack of Flying. Yeah it's annoying not being able to fly but it also makes the world real and dangerous.

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    My ideas to improve the game:

    - Give more interesting ways to progress new characters that don't involve LFR, a huge portion of the player base hates it, but a lot of times people are stuck with it, unless they just want to wait *a lot* longer to progress their character thru other avenues

    - Put ratings back on PvP gear, most avid PvP guys agree this killed a huge amount of competition and made it fairly boring, as there's no way to advance your character once you have got a full set, but on the flip side, getting a full set is not really an achievement at this point

    - The game needs 5 mans that are difficult that aren't tied to timers. BC was a great time for casuals just because of stuff like heroic 5 mans, sure some groups will wipe, but that's what happens in this game... or used to

    - Stop making the game so easy, outside of heroic raidings, most of it is so boring and bland because of the fact that you are spoon fed everything and it's virtually impossible to die

    - Remove some of the less popular BG's, something like the battle of gilneas is just boring because it's an aoe on the flag fest

    - The game needs less of a gap between raid tiers, it gets ridiculous when someone that does siege has double the hp of a fresh 90

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    Add unique /twerk emotes to each race.

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    I have attempted multiple times to return back to wow, and quit every time simply because i realised i was having absolutely no fun. Off the top of my head, these are the reasons i THINK this happened:

    1) Homogenisation of classes. "Shaman bloodlust too op, must give to other faction. Shaman bloodlust too OP, must give to other classes. Every class needs an interrupt now. Every class needs a blink/jump/etc now. Every class needs an X / Y, etc". All in all it led to most classes feeling quite same - i mean, you're shooting firebolts instead of shadowbolts, and you're channeling your filler instead of instacasting it... So what? At least they didnt remove combos from rogues i guess... Though i can see that happening.

    2) the whole Valor/justice thing. I hated it from the start. To me, the point of getting upgrades has always been about going into actual dungeons and getting stuff.
    You may argue "Oh, but what if you're unlucky? Do you noit deserve anything after 1000 runs if you keep losing the loot?"... And i will answer: We have Jp and valor now. And yet the whining and bitching about the loot luck is still there. So what exactly would change?

    3) Too much extra stuff. I'm not sure why i qualify that as a bad thing, but after some thought it seems to be true (at least in my case). I would rather they provided more of the "old" (i.e. more dungeons, more raids, more pvp, more zones, etc) than adding pet battles, archaeology, treasures, etc. Though i have to admit, Brawlers' guild was a nice touch

    4) The loss of lore. Back when WOW began, a lot of people who joined it came from the Warcraft series - "OMG TYRANDE", "OMG THRALL", "OMG DUROTAR" etc. Sure, every game must move on, and can't stay on same thing all over, but at this point... It's not warcraft anymore, it's "Lets play a game called Who Becomes Bad Guy Next". Everyone we cared about is either dead, retired, gone or overused... And not all new characters are presented well enough to be cared about.

    So how would i improve wow?

    1) Put the focus on one thing rather than many. More dungeons, more raids, more pvp battlegrounds, more zones. People can survive without extra battle pets or archaeology digsites for an expansion or two.

    2) Make classes different again. When one class is more useful for X or Y than other class, IT IS OKAY. There is no need to make all classes have exact same abilities with different names

    3) Dont create characters just for one expansion. Garrosh is an example of a good "main character" design - we saw him appear in one expansion, we saw him "grow" in second expansion, we saw his fall in third expansion. Taran Zhu, Lor'Themar Theron and a few others are an example of bad design - nobody knows them, nobody cares about them.

    4) Bring old talents back. Having 15 cookie cutter talents + 20 filler ones felt much better than just having 5 cookie cutters and very little wiggleroom. it felt GOOD deciding whether to take that +1% hit or that other chance on hit proc - and you adjust gear accordingly. Now... Meh.

    Though to be fair, i honestly doubt that there is anything B can do to make me come back to wow again. I will probably resub for ~1 month or so somewhere midway next expansion, do the quests and see the lore, and then quit again.
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    Ok, here goes.

    Right now the whole game is way to dumby/easy for anything bar some normal mode raiding and Heroic Raiding.

    You dont' raid 24/7, nor does the game revolve around raiding(cause most people dont do it and LFR is really just tunneling a mob with xtra HP), why should everything else be so mindless and boring cause of how easy it is ?

    afk LFR, flex tunnel bozz, afk 5 mans, 5 minute scenarios all chores!

    This is meant to a MMOrpg, so don't count solo stuff.

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