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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post

    Maybe a few others, but Valve > * for me.
    I'm surprised you're the first to say Valve (count me second). Many other developers have been on failstreaks for the last couple of years. Valve is the only one that hasn't released crap in over a decade. After DIII, even Blizzard can't claim that anymore.

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    Insomiac definitely...But I apso LOVE Nintendo and Platinum Games...Also Monolith.

    Oh and of course From Software and at least older Konami(me love me some Mystical Ninja)

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    Grinding Gear Games
    CD Project Red
    Digital Extremes
    Bohemia Interactive
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    Valve. Except they can't count to fucking 3.

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    Creatures/APE Inc
    Game Freak

    Though as an individual game maker my favorite is Masahiro Sakurai. This guy has had such an exact vision with all of the games he has worked on, and makes his whole life revolve around finishing one game at a time. Plus, he really knows how to work up a crowd for his games.

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    tough call between Bethesda, blizzard and Valve.

    i've spent more time than anything on blizzard games, they rarely dissapoint, but they are losing my faith quickly for various reasons, but thats another thread.

    Bethesda, i love the open world genre, and bethesda does it better than anyone, im upset they ave chosen to work on an mmo rather than a new single player game with multiplayer options, imagine co-op skyrim /drool

    and valve, their commitment to fun, making one of the best FPS free to play, valve is excellent at listening to fans and taking on their ideas.

    overall my vote went to blizzard, but ask again in a year and it might not be if blizzard doesn't change its ways
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    BiowareISH, they're kinda letting them self down

    ^ in non particular order

    Quote Originally Posted by crackleslap View Post
    Valve. Except they can't count to fucking 3.
    i C wut u did thair! :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    Dammit! Alphabetic order please, hurts my OCD looking at it.

    Naughty dog, excellent games, and not milked to death, 3 games and then a new IP
    Sorry! I thought I could list more than 30 games. And then I forgot whole alphabetic :/ I agree it's pretty messed up.

    Reason why I only let choose one was that I thought it could be fun that you can only pick your one and only favorite. But I guess I was little wrong (:

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    Used to be Creative Assembly for making my favorite franshise, now i dont know if they can be trusted. Most likely SEGA is the bad guys for pushing a unfinished game for release but i dont know.

    Bethesda is great and so is Rockstar.

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    you mixed game publisher and developper though, for instance you have both bioware and electronic arts. That being said, my favorite game have been made by

    Ubisoft (prince of persia, splinter cell, assassin's creed)
    Square-Enix (deus EX, hitman, tomb raider)
    Electronic Arts (Mass Effect, mirror's edge, dead space, fifa)

    i put ubisoft first, but Square-Enix isn't far in my eyse with recent games.

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    I don't really have a favourite one, but looking at overall consistency across a large number of titles, I'd go with Blizzard, Bethesda and Valve as my top picks.... but I have a lot of trust, and respect in a very large number of developers to be honest.

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    Rockstar Games Ofc!

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    Naughty Dog, by far the most consistently great game dev. Honorable mentions to Rockstar, Insomniac and Bioware.

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    Definitely Blizzard and Bioware.
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    Insomniac all the way :3
    Quote Originally Posted by Bootybear View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Valancer View Post
    I play as a holy priest and when I ran hfc lfr I noticed after the first boss my heal spell wasn't casting. So I looked at it and it shows that it has a 34.4 min cast time
    Do you have the class trinket? If so, the cast time is correct. /s

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    What a shitty list, so many devs missing. What's the point in putting up a poll if you aren't even gonna include half of the most known devs...

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    Bioware all the way <3

    Second place goes to Ubisoft.

    Third place goes to Kojima Productions

    Por que odiar si amar es mas dulce? (*^_^*)

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    My top 2 in no particular order are:

    CD Project Red (Really gained my respect with Witcher 1 and 2 and soon 3 )
    Naughty Dog (No need to explain...)

    I like quite a few more but their position in my list dropped a bit:

    Bioware (after the disappointments recently especially the wtf DA2)
    Square Enix

    Rest I care less about.

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    Ion Storm (Deus Ex/Anachronox)
    IO Interactive
    LionHead Studios
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    Paradox Interactive and CD-Project Red, from the others i did not play there games (much) or has dissapointed me recently :P

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