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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    What a shitty list, so many devs missing. What's the point in putting up a poll if you aren't even gonna include half of the most known devs...
    As I said I wanted to put more developers to that poll, but it didn't let me to (30 was maximum). So I putted the ones which in my opinion is best and most known ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vankrys View Post
    you mixed game publisher and developper though, for instance you have both bioware and electronic arts. That being said, my favorite game have been made by

    Ubisoft (prince of persia, splinter cell, assassin's creed)
    Square-Enix (deus EX, hitman, tomb raider)
    Electronic Arts (Mass Effect, mirror's edge, dead space, fifa)

    i put ubisoft first, but Square-Enix isn't far in my eyse with recent games.
    But isn't bioware maker of mass effect example and electronic arts is maker of fifa and nhl series? That's how I see it. I might of course be wrong.
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    There are quite a few actually to choose from. Kinda hard to pick just one so I'll name a few that are pretty good at what they do.

    1. Rockstar. Read Dead Redemption style was something totally unheard of in modern gaming. The formula was similar to GTA, however, the voice acting, story, pacing, was amazing. Actually felt you lived through John Marston at times and was living in the wild west. Beautifully done. Infact I rate RDR higher than the GTA series and among their best work. I just think GTA is beautifully done for an open world game but its RDR that truly deserves the praise.

    2. Bethesda. Skyrim - Enough said. If that was their only game, it would be their legacy. They would still be remebered for designing a world so immersive and so intriquing and captivating where hours just seem to pass by and you just want to keep exploring every nook and cranny and then you have dragons as well. But that isn't so. They've made some of the best RPGs of this generation.

    3. Rocksteady - Totally surprised no one has mentioned these guys. I get it this is a very PC heavy community but still its not like the games ain't avaiable on steam. They were pretty much unknowns when they took on the project of the Batman series. There were so many studios that have worked on comic book games and failed to deliver. These guys delivered and more. Now I've never really been a big Batman fan or a comic book fan. But these folks totally changed everything about it. You see Batman as an individual and you see a very different side to him. The Arkhym series will go down as the best in the action - adventure genre and one of the best in video gaming. The combat is freaking fluid, never played a game with such fluid combat. The characters are fun and the voice acting - omg. The best I've seen in a game and that says a lot. If it was a movie, a few guys would deservedly be nomiated for an oscar. The open world feeling in Arhym City is pretty good. The story, plot, action, you name it, its all very well done. The whole game is packaged with little to no bugs and its quite an undertaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Therier88 View Post
    But isn't bioware maker of mass effect example and electronic arts is maker of fifa and nhl series? That's how I see it. I might of course be wrong.
    EA Sports is making fifa, NHL, NFL etc..
    both EA Sports and Bioware are owned by Electronic Arts

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    Well I'm not sure I have a favorite but I'll list some of the ones I like.

    -Namco Bandai Games (LOVE the Tales series and Eternal Sonata)
    -Platinum Games
    -Retro Studios
    -SNK Playmore (mainly for the Metal Slug games)
    -Naughty Dog (I mainly like these guys for the Jak and Daxter games but the Uncharted games were awesome too, haven't played Last of us yet though)
    -Sucker Punch (For making all those Sly Cooper games on the PS2 and Infamous)
    -Insomniac Games (Ratchet and Clank series and Resistance trilogy)
    -Bioware (excluding EA)
    -Blizzard (even though I still think that charging the amount they do for the virtual pets and mounts is ridiculous as well as the prices for the WoW character services.)
    -Square/Square Enix
    -Game Freak (Pokemon games)
    -Crystal Dynamics (For making all those awesome Tomb Raider games including the new one of course)
    -Rocksteady Studios (They didn't make a whole lot I just really like the Batman games they made)
    -Capcom (even though their recent business practices have been looking more like EA)
    -Nintendo (for obvious reasons)

    Edit: I can't believe I forgot about Rockstar
    Edit 2: Also forgot Koei/Tecmo Koei. I LOVE their Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. They also made some other awesome game like Trinity Souls of Zill O'll.
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    BioWare is behind some of my favorites (Mass Effect and Dragon Age) but also guilty of being EA's bitch and making a few fails of their own (*cough*DragonAge2*cough*)

    Valve has some sweet deals through Steam, but the wait for Half Life 3 is ridiculous

    Bethesda made some great open-worlds (The Elder Scrolls, Fall-out) and some other great games (Dishonored) but their damn games sure like to crash

    Blizzard was great, but their latest games have been meh. WoW isn't as great as it use to be (and no, this isn't a "waaah, casuals ruined the game!" complaint) and DIII was not worth the hype.

    And Square Enix is great for publishing the game that features the most bad ass protagonist in video game history: Adam Jensen.
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    Klei Entertainment

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    Blizzard and Epic Games are tied in my book

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    BioWare. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are my favorite franchises by far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    tough call between Bethesda, blizzard and Valve.

    i've spent more time than anything on blizzard games, they rarely dissapoint, but they are losing my faith quickly for various reasons, but thats another thread.

    Bethesda, i love the open world genre, and bethesda does it better than anyone, im upset they ave chosen to work on an mmo rather than a new single player game with multiplayer options, imagine co-op skyrim /drool

    and valve, their commitment to fun, making one of the best FPS free to play, valve is excellent at listening to fans and taking on their ideas.

    overall my vote went to blizzard, but ask again in a year and it might not be if blizzard doesn't change its ways
    My sentiments exactly, If you asked me back in 2010-2011 i would have no doubt Blizzard would be my choice in this. But they have gotten very off center with their development of their more recent titles, and most design choices they made I think is not for the better of their company or their titles.

    I love Valve, and their willingness to listen to their fanbase on choices for future features in their games, but they are taking way to fckin long on making a new title. (Its funny that Morgan Webb from Xplay once said that she hopes it doesn't take another 10 years for another Half-Life game to come out when she reviewed HL2, kinda sucks she predicted this to happen in a sense).

    My vote went to bethesda cause they are a company who seems to care about immersion, expansive gameplay, and lore above all else. I still have yet to see where ESO is headed, but from what I've seen it looks pretty good.

    ... But FFS, get off that damn hero engine Zenimax.
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    Platinum games and Nippon Icchi
    Claymore is Epic again, eat it priscilla fanboys.

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    Missing Pandemic Studios from the list due Battlefront games but its probably Nintendo and Irrational Games from that list.

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    bungie during halo 1 + 2
    riot for league of legends
    blizzard for d2 and wow vanilla->wotlk
    valve for original counter strike
    grinding gear games is doing pretty good work on path of exile

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    CD Project Red by far.

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    Right now it's probably Valve for me. Tied closely with Bioware.

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    Blizzard, Ubisoft, Bungie & Valve

    Use to like, but lost respect for: EA Sports, BioWare, Trion Worlds

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    All these people for Bioware, I don't even...

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    hard to pick one but some of my favorites are

    Namco Bandai (mostly for their Tales games)
    Intelligent Systems

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    Really, Bullfrog was of the old golden school. SquareSOFT did most things right, Square-ENIX made many good choices but lately they're trying too hard... I second the one above on Namco Bandai with their Tales games, though. But Imo they need to focus a little bit more on western RPG and touch it moderately with anime-style instead of the other way around.

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    idsoftware (FPS)
    Fromsoftware (TPS)
    Naughty Dog (Platformer)
    Crystal Dynamics (Action-adventure)
    Sunsoft (Arcade-style)
    Pre-2008 Blizzard Entertainment (WRPG)
    Square Co (JRPG)
    Pre-2005 Namco (Fighting)

    Some others:

    Studio Pixel
    3D Realms
    Interplay Entertainment
    Looking Glass Studios
    The Specialists mod team

    That's enough for now. I'm not much of a fan of vehicle (Race/Flight/Ship/Sub simulators) or Sim-style games.
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    Bethesda softworks, CD projekt red and Eidos montreal.

    Blizzard lost all my trust when they released diablo 3.

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