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    869 € for subs, 175€ for all expansions and the original game, 100€ for server changes and 20€ for an appearance change, so 1164 € in total, not at all bad for over six years of entertainment.

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    Prbly over 1500 dollars since Battle.Net in 2008, maybe more since WoW or Warcraft 3.

    Alot of my money has gone to Blizzard over the last decade.

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    50 months subscription = 673€

    One faction change and one server transfer = 45€

    All standard editions:

    WoW = 30€

    TBC = 20€

    WotLK = 35€

    Cataclysm = 35€

    MoP = 35€

    Starcraf II: WoL = 60€

    Total = 933€

    Playing since early 2008, less than 1000€, not bad.

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    Hmmm now I gonna think about it

    1 WoW acount for 6 years
    1 WoW acount for 3 years

    Minus a year for some breaks
    Subscribtion renewal every 3 months so about 1183 euro for the subscription

    WoW:20 Euro
    TBC:35 Euro
    Battlechest:20 Euro
    Wotlk X2 :70 Euro
    Cata X2 :70 Euro
    Mop Digital : 65 Euro

    SC2 WoL X5 :250 Euro
    SC2 WoL CE : 89 euro
    SC2 HotS Digital Edition :65 Euro
    SC2 HotS CE : 85 Euro

    D3: 50 Euro

    SC1:BW: 20 Euro

    WC3:TFT: 20 Euro

    D2:LoD: 20 Euro

    So in total 2060 Euro roughly.
    Think I make Blizzard pretty happy.

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    Warcraft 3: $60
    Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne: $30
    Concurrent WoW sub since November 2004 = 9 years, $15 per month = $1605
    WoW: $60
    WoW BC: $40
    WoW WotLK: $40
    WoW Cataclysm: $40
    WoW MoP: $40
    Starcraft 2: $60
    Starcraft 2 HotS: $40
    Diablo 3: (Free with Annual Pass)

    I've certainly gotten my money's worth. 200+ hours in SC2, 300+ hours in Diablo 3, and almost 700 days played in WoW. Then there was the 2 years where Warcraft 3 was my main game and I played 6+ hours a day. Easily 600 hours I'd say. Works out to a little under $0.12 per hour of entertainment.

    I've never paid for any character services, mounts, or pets for WoW, nor do I ever plan to.
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    Lots... lots and lots. Probably pretty close to $2400.

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    I can comfortably say a hell of a lot less than I would have spent going to nightclubs and whatnot, and that's a win in my book. As for an actual number? At least $1500 I'm too lazy to open the page and add it all.

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    A few thousand. I've been playing virtually uninterrupted for years now. I've purchased a few mounts & pets. I've RAF myself twice for mounts. I've server changed 4-10 characters at least 7 times. I've faction changed round trip on 8 toons once. And I've purchased CE editions of everything but vanilla. Looking back, I've spent way too much on the game. I could have put a decent downpayment on a car with what I've spent.

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    Not much at all on my personal account but my wife and three kids accounts is a a very large sum of money over the last 15 or so years.

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    where do you get the total from? or do I have to add it all up which isn't worth the time if they don't have a total column anywhere

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    At least a grand :/ to be fair it is over a few years,but those transfers/race changes do add up. Plus lets not forget the mounts/pets!!! but..worth it


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    It is implied that WoW is the "champion of MMOs"...
    Nope, originally this site was suppose to cover every MMO on the market, it became a WoW fansite down the line. Also, a lot of people (if not most) on Video Games Discussion section don't play WoW exclusively.

    Anyway On Topic, I've spent over 800€ on Blizzard games WoW, D3, Warcraft 1,2,3 and expansions.

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    By Lieutenant Colonel Whiskers McBallofur Maximilliamus the Third
    12 x 8 = 96 x 30 = 2880
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellravager View Post
    12 x 8 = 96 x 30 = 2880
    I'm very curious wtf those numbers represent because they're all rather odd. Unless 12 months of $8 a month for 30 years which still doesn't make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    I'm very curious wtf those numbers represent because they're all rather odd. Unless 12 months of $8 a month for 30 years which still doesn't make sense.
    12 months for 8 years times $30 (for 2 subs) is what I'm assuming.

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    Ah that makes more sense now that you mention it.

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    Feb 2004 - today, 62,99 Euros every 6 months and the annual pass inbetween. I have given away 2 pets at 5 Euros and bought 2 pets for myself at 5 Euros. I also race changed once.

    I bought every game as a CE: WoW and all x-pacs, SC II and D III do the math, I suck at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molestron View Post
    I thought this site is called MMO-Champion not WoW-Champion. I could be wrong.
    This website was based around WoW and always has been. Just because it discusses off-topics does not mean it has a main objective. This has been confirmed multiple times, ask any mmo-champ mod.

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    A lot.

    I've been playing WoW since the last 6 months of TBC, so that's roughly 5.5 years of subbing(I missed a month due to hospitalization but otherwise it was uninterrupted), plus the cost of the original game, TBC, Wrath, Cata, and MoP(and I got the MoP collector's edition). I've also server transferred I think 6 toons(maybe 7, I forget), and have bought 1 each of all of the minipets(and 1 extra that I gifted to someone) and 1 each of mounts except the Bloodwing and the Windsteed(some of them during sales, some not). Never race or faction changed, never bought the Blizzcon tickets, never had multiple WoW accounts, never bought plushes.

    Diablo, Diablo 2 and D2:LoD(2 copies each), Starcraft Battlechest. I got D3 due to the 1 year WoW sub deal so I didn't pay for it. Never got SC2 and never played anything Warcraft related prior to WoW.

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    I don't even wanna know. Every single mount and pet, every RAF and collectors, SC2, D3, one uninterrupted account at MOP with several off an ons - one at Cata and three at Wotlk. Every Blizzcon DTV/Virtual, transfers, race, faction changes, Blizzcon Blizzard store stuff etc. Has to be close to $4k if not more.

    Edit: Forgot about the 1yr sub deal for D3. But have all WC games and every class except war, priest and monk that has gone through xfers, changes etc.
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