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    Let's say your income is tripled and you go game shopping...

    What would you buy?

    Basically you can run with a combination of the following:

    • Console Games
    • PC Games
    • Buy from favorite MMO's (not WoW) Online/In-Game Store(s)
    • WoW: Use Character Services or Buy in-game Mounts/Pets/Helms from Blizzard Store
    • Current/Past Gen Console (PS3, 360, etc.)
    • Next Gen Console (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, 2DS/3DS/XL or Vita)
    • New TV
    • New Gaming Computer
    • New Computer Monitor
    • New Speakers (Computer or TV or both)

    Again you can go with one, some or all on that list XD

    Please keep this strictly about video games (PC Games/Computer upgrades are ok). I will make an off-topic thread with the same question in the general discussion board shortly.
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    The whole package, new tv, surroundsystem, a nextgen console, a beastly new computer and a new desk and chair. Damn i want to win the lottery.

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    The only thing I really want right now is a new graphics card. I'd probably save the rest of my money for college. I know, I'm boring. :P

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    if my income triple, i start buying houses.

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    pimped out super gaming PC, mine is still more than decent, but I don't want decent I want exceptional , add in a new desk and chair, because why the fuck not? Then I'd go on a Rift spree and buy enough to max out my Loyalty on there .

    Next would be a super gaming zone, biggest flattest TV I could find, PS3 with all he JRPG's I've not got yet, PS4, for all the JRPG's that are going to release, one of those gaming thrones and a mini fridge to go next to it, to be filled with Mountain Dew and chilli heatwave doritos.

    I'd also buy a fuckton on Blurays to play on the PS3
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    Proper gaming PC would probably be top priority. I haven't really done much console gaming since PS2, so getting a PS4 would be tempting purely to try it out again.
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    I already buy too many games with my current income >_> I have a huge backlog, damn you steam sales.

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    I would pay off my debts.

    Then I'd get that multi-monitor PC setup that I've always wanted.

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    Would get a new gpu, my current 8 GB of RAM and i5 2500 would last me well for another couple of years with anything i throw at it but i really need a new gpu soon.

    After that i would move my warrior off a dead backwater realm in WoW with saving the rest for steam sales and non gaming related things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoiD84 View Post
    The whole package, new tv, surroundsystem, a nextgen console, a beastly new computer and a new desk and chair. Damn i want to win the lottery.
    I really like this guy.

    I'd get 80 inch flat screen TV mounted in living room with surround sound.
    Save the money for every single console including past ones.
    I'd get the best desktop money could buy and I'd have my friend come over and we'd build it would super parts.
    I'd buy like every single video game that so current.

    Oh and a new house to put this all in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynnyelle View Post
    The only thing I really want right now is a new graphics card. I'd probably save the rest of my money for college. I know, I'm boring. :P
    Uhm hello. You're working a job getting paid 3x normal salary. Why would you even need college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    Uhm hello. You're working a job getting paid 3x normal salary. Why would you even need college.
    I don't really make much at my current job. So 3x that would be decent, but I'd still rather have something better. So then if I had 3x what I was making after college, that would be pretty awesome.

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    *Embarassed cause he already does that...most of it anyway*

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    Nothing, I have pretty much every I desire, anything else would be unnecessary greed for things I'd never use.

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    If I got a sudden influx of money I would probably end up spending it on a new gaming rig. Mine isn't so bad (though the gfx card is getting on a bit) and it can cope ok with the majority of games, but I think that is the dream, to just build a completely unnecessarily powerful gaming PC...then end up playing basically only old games on it....goddamnit.
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    Only thing I don't have (and don't really need mind you) but would like is a 100" UHDTV.
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    I have all the Games I want. I would buy myself a GTX 780 Ti and some more SSDs.

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    3 X 0 = 0

    But even if I made more money then I knew what to do with I probably wouldn't change the setup I have now. I can play all the games I want at good graphic settings and use the internet at any time of the day. That's all I really need.

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    I got a top-of-the-line gaming computer less than a year ago and I already have a ton of games to play through at the moment (and more will come due to upcoming digital sales), so I generally do not have anything to buy except hire someone to do the farming portions of various games for me so I can focus on playing.

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    Nothing. My 2600k/7970 rig gets the job done, and will continue to until Haswell E or Broadwell next year, maybe even Skylake. Kind of want to play GTA5 so maybe get a PS3, but I know I wont as its so dumb to buy something right before its replacement comes out. That and the PC version will be better.

    My TV setup is ok, better to save the money and wait for OLED or 4K. Sound as well.

    Game wise what is out there? Maybe I'd get Splinter Cell, but then I know in a month it will be on Steam sale for like $15 instead of $60, so fuck that. Most new games come out next month, but I was going to buy them anyway.

    Yep if my Income tripled it would go to student loan debt not gaming.
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    Hah can already buy all with current income *stroke massive ego*

    I don't need all that, keep it clean simple: PC, keyboard, mouse, headphones and monitor. And probably enough games on steam library to last two years (them steam sales)

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