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    Already got the best

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    to buy list:

    fire emblem awakening
    rune factory 4

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    Build the dream PC. Then id invest the rest of it.

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    New pc...i realy need a upgrade and probaly d3s for new pokemon game so i have something to play when i am on vacation or going somewhere far away.

    And a new gaming table...the old one is how can i say....its ugly!!

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    Buy a Corsair K90 keyboard (the black one.)
    A better game pad, preferably the one for the Xbox One.
    Maybe an Xbox One.
    A desktop. Preferably all metal.

    I tend to spend very little, then sit on the rest.
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    My income triples? I continue saving for a car/apartment etc, maybe treat myself to a new comp after awhile but for the most part I've got all I need in terms of gaming.

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    I'd probably buy like the most monstrous PC possible yearly or something. Not just a high end PC, which I have, but like one of those silly PCs that have like 12 titans and enough juice to run Manhattan for a week.

    Otherwise there is little I can not already afford gaming wise. Or that I would consider useful/desirable. Hanging a Master Sword replica from The Legend of Zelda on my wall is not really something I would consider doing. Like ever.

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    New computer
    3DS + Pokemon X/Y

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    I would buy a DS and play pokemon since i have no interest in console gaming and i already have a PC with a I7 3700K, 8gb ram, GTX 780 256GB ssd and all that so... I am fine in that department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    I really like this guy.

    I'd get 80 inch flat screen TV mounted in living room with surround sound.
    Save the money for every single console including past ones.
    I'd get the best desktop money could buy and I'd have my friend come over and we'd build it would super parts.
    I'd buy like every single video game that so current.

    Oh and a new house to put this all in.
    Hehe yeah that's what im talking about, no need to hold back on the shopping list

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    I would just get a new computer that would last sometime. I have all the games I currently want to play. Just waiting for BF4 and GTA5(PC) to come out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynnyelle View Post
    The only thing I really want right now is a new graphics card. I'd probably save the rest of my money for college. I know, I'm boring. :P
    Haha same here! Graphics card and graduate school please!

    If I had to spend it on gaming, I'd probably splurge on buying up old games that are missing from my collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sj View Post

    If I had to spend it on gaming
    Don't want to spend it on gaming? This thread's for you.
    ...Ok, time to change the ol' Sig ^_^

    This time I'll leave you the Links to 3 of my Wordpress Blogs: 1. Serene Adventure 2. Video Games 3. Anime Please subscribe if you like what you see. As a Bonus, I'll throw in my You Tube channel =D

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    alrdy have much money in the bank and what i enyoy the most is just playing wow, so.. would just keep stockpileing the money like i do right now and if i feel like buying anything i buy it..

    i dont really like change, but would at some point be fun too run wow or other games to the extreme max grathic settings, currently haveing like everything on low.. once while i was looking out from the docks in tol barad i turned up my settings and all water just vanished xD

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    I would buy a new PC, new video editing stuff, etc, and then probably spend a buttload of cash to unlock some things in Warframe. Maybe some Hearthstone packs.

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    Faster Internet, new computer and a new expensive comfy computer chair

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    I'll get a dual screen at first (maybe 2x120Hz), some upgrades for my computer (graphic card first) and maybe an Xbox-One + some games when it's out.

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    Personally any extra income I get generally is saved or invested, but if I had to spend it.... PC hardware and Big Screen TV's.

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    i would buy a 27 inch display, with a resolution of 2560*1440 and 144 hertz. wait .... what ? oh , yeah right. they don't exist yet.

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    3ds & pokemon X/Y. So disappointed that it doesn't run on the normal ds
    Apart from that maybe upgrade my pc a bit, although I'm pretty happy with how it is atm

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