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    What are some games that you don't hear about but are really good?

    Mainly for indie games.

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    I dont know how popular Terraria is, but none of my pals seem to know of it. Even though its an outstanding game (more so with this new patch).

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    I've never played Terraria. None of my friends, either. All of us know about it, somehow.
    Binding of Isaac is a really nice game.

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    Guacamelee, BIT.TRIP RUNNER (and its sequel), Hotline Miami, Revenge of the Titans, Attack on Titan.
    All of those come to mind.

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    I thought FEZ was a really interesting game, its a platform/puzzle more or less. Had a lot of fun playing that game and puzzling around. at one point I gave up because the only way I could beat the game beyond the 150% (it goes to 207% or something) was to use a guide Due to my lack in math skills.

    other than that I must say I like Tribes: Ascend (Fps) aswell, which isn't familiar at all. Have been playing it casually since beta and I play beyoned unlocking the things I want to unlock. Thats something that rarely happens with any game for me. And I haven't pay'd a penny ( its free to play but you can spend money if you want )

    Hotline Miami is another less known game, that I had a blast with.

    All these games are availible on steam, so you can check it out there
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    Braid was a rather fun platformer with nice mechanics; quite short tho.

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    I love Dust: An Elysian Tail. Sadly most people I know have never heard of it and I never see it mentioned anywhere.

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    Forge(Forgewar), The Ship, Fenglee's Attack on Titan, Ace of Spades(Build and shoot)

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    For Indie games, I strongly reccomend:

    Mark of the Ninja
    Faster Than Light
    Limbo (although it is short)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oerba Yun Fang View Post
    I love Dust: An Elysian Tail. Sadly most people I know have never heard of it and I never see it mentioned anywhere.
    Dust is truly a great game, just wish it was released on the PSN also. At least i can play it on the PC
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    Mount and blade warband! Such a good game, did sell quite a bit of copies after 2 years on the market and got some youtube attention

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    Payday2 is really fun

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    For an indie, RPG, story game - Bastion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    Payday2 is really fun
    Isn't that pretty well-known?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    Isn't that pretty well-known?
    Dunno, maybe, not until recently then. Small time swedish dev isnt it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    Dunno, maybe, not until recently then. Small time swedish dev isnt it?
    1.5 million copies sold in 14 days, and preorders actually covering development cost

    Not completly unknown, is also a sequal

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    Project Zomboid.

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    Weewar : hex based map, online

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    Papers, Please.

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    pfft as if you care..
    desert strike etc

    its all i could come up with since its on my desktop

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