Thread: Sac Pact on WoL

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    Sac Pact on WoL

    Are there any known issues with sac pact being weird with damage taken on WoL? Was browing our sha heroic tries tonight and noticed our lock taking a fair amount of extra total damage compared to everyone else, but also somehow still had the most absorbs. Log for reference

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    SacPac doesn't count as "damage taken", which is why you still lose life if you use it with your shield on Malkorok. It is sort of like the death touch effect, except you don't die. It just "takes away 25% health".

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    It's cause he died in the pacman realm, as that did over 500 million damage to him :P

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    Referring specifically to damage taken from "Swelling Pride." Was aware he died in the pacman realm but was more curious why he managed to have a huge amount of damage taken from the swell compared to others.

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    His pet takes damage when he uses it, could the pet damage be added to his overall damage?

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