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    Blood Elf.
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    Tauren for min/maxing reasons, going back to female BE though, gotta love that interrupt!

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    Belf. I loathe the race, but i transfered my brothers belf paladin, and haven't gotten around to change it to something decent, like a cow.
    Aoe silence i nice too, but blah. Same is aoestun.
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    Human. Seriously considering changing to a draenei though

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    Tauren masterrace for the win!
    Mainly because i only tank on my play and Blood Elf tanks are just...weird, plus Dunhammer is a much better name for a Tauren than for a Blood Elf
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    Dwarf, since Vanilla. Because dwarfs are awesome, and because I've never managed to get a human of any class to level 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowJester View Post
    Blood elf, cause I made him when BC came out so it was my only option, and I dont race change often. Though I think worgen should be able to be pallies, and then I would make a new Ally Worgen Pally. I mean if Tauren can be sun druids, and worgen can be druids, why can't worgen be sun druids
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    Mine's bloodelf

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    Human. Nothing wrong with Dwarf, but I just can't seem to pick a model that I'm 100% happy with. The only reason I chose Human over Draenei was because I already had a Draenei shaman.

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    Human Female, I fell in love with them the minute i did a Hammer of Justice and seen a Shouryuuken"Rising Dragon Fist" animation

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    Human female. And like the above, gotta love hearing SHORRRRRYUKEN!!! in my head when I hammer of justice or rebuke fools.
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    Blood Elf. Tauren weren't available at the time, but I just like Blood Elves anyway.

    I also have a mini Tauren and a Draenei (cos my character's name is female & i couldn't deal with the concept of a dwarf female).
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    Tauren, because they're manly.


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    Blood Elf (87), Blood Elf(85), Human(85), Draenei(22).

    Could only make Horde Paladins as Blood Elfs back in TBC. Can't rmemeber why I made the Human a Human, wanted a Draenei because they're cool.

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    Draenei, humans are too ugly and dwarves screw up my sense of distance.
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    Blood elf because they are the best looking race (even including Alliance and non-paladin races), and there was really no choice back then.

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    Blood Elf.
    For the Horde!

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