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    Back when paladin was an alliance only thing. Human Female.

    Now? Blood Elf male, since it was the only horde option at the time I faction swapped.

    And I cba to make it a Tauren, but that's okay because I leveled a second paladin that is infact. Tauren...

    And a Third...that's...Dwarven.

    You can never have too many paladins!
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    Main: Human (Bigger weapons, pvp trinket that works in pve, extra rep and when I'm holy a little extra spirit).

    2nd alt (90 - 524) : Dwarf - My friend made it as a dwarf, although I'd prefer a human (or better yet a horde one).

    then I have a few more from 80-85 that are blood elves or human.

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    Human, but mostly because it looked good with my transmog set. If I were min/maxing I'd probably go Dwarf but they are so ugly D:
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    Draenei, although I'm a blood elf at heart and eventually I'll race change back to a Blood Elf. <3

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    Both my main and alt paladin are female humans.

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    Female Draenei for my main on Ally and Male Tauren for my horde because they look so great with a nice transmog.

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    Dwarf. There are no others!
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    2x Human (Female main, male alt), the "PvP Trinket" racial is helpful in both PvE and PvP, increased rep gain makes grinds a joke and the expertise is a nice touch to end with c:
    1x Blood elf (Female) because they're sexy as hell

    Dwarves don't appeal to me as I think the EMFH racial is much better than stoneform.
    Draenei... 1% hit and a tiny hot, far inferior.

    I would like a Panda Paladin though... that food racial.

    So many people with multiple paladins, I FEEL NORMAL!

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    Belf female, i like it, their lore. but their weapons and shoulders are too small :P
    and i like too humans and tauren (holy cow, lol)

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    Tauren and Human .

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    Female BElf, the only way to go, imo

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    Blood elf. Came for the looks, stayed for the lore. And maybe the looks too.

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    Tauren! I can't handle blood elf weapons.

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    Human, can't give up that rep bonus!

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    I'm a shit race because horde paladins get hosed. More class combos. Thanks =/
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    One is Blood Elf, one is Human

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    Since I started in WotLK I went with blood elf because I wanted to play Horde. I got in on it when one of my friends said he was rolling a paladin, and his sister's fiancee was also rolling one, so we figured we'd each play a spec and go from there. I ended up as prot, my friend went ret, and his "in-law" went holy. It made for some interesting leveling runs!

    I never cared to change race really since all I did for Cataclysm was pay $30 for another 2 months. Plus I'd rather have that silence/interrupt and slight mana regen than the tauren's War Stomp.
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    Mine is a Tauren. Why? Mostly for the Stamina boost, but they also look cool.

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    Female DRaenai, and should i switch her horde probably Blood elf.

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    Tauren, because there is no other option.

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