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    WoD & Paladins

    Hi there! I searched for a similar thread in the forums, and didn't found it - If I eventually have missed it, feel free to move/close this thread, and I apologize for my blindness ^_^'

    I point out here that English isn't my mother language, so sorry for the typos.

    So, Warlord of Draenors is at it's early stage and almost nothing has come out yet, class wide. What would you wish/expect for our class? What would you like to improve/rework?

    Personally, I wish a rework of Inquisition. I know I am one of the many who wants it (I saw a poll about it with many votes), but I haven't really understood what is it's role aside stressing the rotation.
    ...I mean, Paladins are balanced to have this self buff always up, so isn't really a buff, but something on the line of 'press this button to be on par with others in dps', right?
    Wouldn't be actually better if Inquisition would do something more interesting and less 'mandatory'? (Yeah, I know that EVERY skill is mandatory, and the same reasoning could be applied to any other skill, but I find Inq. particularly frustrating.)

    So, this is my little wish, for our class (maybe along with a better damage distribution, in exchange of some burst effectiveness 9u9).
    What's yours?

    TL;DR: WoD is kinda early in development. If you could think about something to change for our class skill mechanics, what will you opt for? I want Inq. to be more fun and less stressing.

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    Oh, Thank you.
    Sorry for the usless thread, then ^_^'

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