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    2pc issues? (combat pve)

    EDIT: I cannot read. Thank you, I have no problems.

    Closing note: no more responses needed. -Kael

    I am definitely wearing head and chest, and the ability is lit up... but...

    I don't see the energy reduction buff. If I press revealing strike and then pool to 100, a sinister strike clearly displays energy in the 50s on its way up (both in comergy and on my energy bar), when it should only cost 35 with the buff- the buff I'm not currently seeing. Same with revealing- I see it drop down to 60s, not the 75ish I would expect.

    If I just straight up spam revealing, I can see it fail to fire in the 30s, and get all the way to 40, which drains it. I'm pretty sure the debuff isn't triggering. I am on target dummies and occasional sha in the vale, if that makes a difference.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    You only get the cost reduction buff when sinister strikes casted with revealing strike debuff on the target give you an additional combo point

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    Just tested when I have the Silent Blades buff (2p proc) using SS only costs 35 energy (energy dipped to 60s then climbed).

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    Yyyyup apparently I can't read. No problems here, sorry, and thanks.

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