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    Top Scary Games

    What is the most scary game for xbox, xbox360, ps2 or ps3?

    Im not into scary games that revolve around combat, as that makes me feel like a hero rather than feeling scared. I want a game that is a mindfuck, one thats almost as fun to watch as it is to play. Some of the most scary moments for me was turning around in Fear: Alma's Awaking and seeing the little girl right behind me.

    What game scared you the most? What should I play?

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    Amnesia, duh.

    Outlast maybe.

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    As stated above Amnesia: A dark descent, Amnesia: A machine for pigs, whole Penumbra series toghether with Outlast are the best first person survival horror games out there imo.
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    Played Fatal Frame all night at a friends house when I was 12.


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    Me and some friends plan to play a scary game as a Halloween party.

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    Amnesia by a country mile, closest I've ever been to being scared in a game, while it's not as bad as youtubers make it out to be, I sure feel uneasy while playing it.

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    Fatal Frame for me... That was fucking mental. Might not be as scary now though because of its age.

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    Condemned: Criminal Origins was a great game. The story is pretty mindfuck there and the sounds/music and atmosphere is good. Thats what i remember anyways, played it when the 360 launched.

    Oh and the apple seed orchard level is great.

    Amnesia is pretty cool to if you like to feel helpless and solve puzzles etc.
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    Dead Space 1 is by far the best Horror Game I ever played. Its not just horror like all these terrible indie-games, its also a Good Game with great story and the best sound-atmo I ever heared in a Game.

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    Dead space series.
    Some resident evil games.

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    -Amnesia:with some custom stories (original story isn't that scary)

    -Amnesia A Machine for Pigs: Not even close the level of scarryness the original Amnesia had, but it's still pretty decent and has a more smooth way of telling the story. More linear as well without puzzles.

    -Outlast: This game a lot more intense then Amnesia, it's more about surviving and getting around enemies where Amnesia is more about solving puzzles.

    -Condemned Series: Not as scary in general but it has a few moments (very few)...but the story is pretty shit.

    -Dead Space 1: Starts out scary but it's the same shit over and over, it gets boring fast.

    -Resident Evil Relevations: Inbetween action and horror game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was that scary, but it did have the right athmosphere and vibe to it.

    -Resident Evil 5-6: This game has one of the best ways of telling a story I've ever seen in an action/horror game. It also has some really scary levels in it as well...the underground levels are scary as fuck purely because of the map design.

    -Other Resident Evil games aren't bad either, but they are outdated and play too clunky to enjoy anymore.

    -Legend of Grimmrock: Not a horror game by definition, but it's fucking amazing and can get really scary due amthmosphere and such, also due the way combat works it can be pretty intense.

    Slender games: They are alright, but the gameplay itself pretty much sucks since there is no point to the game...walk around and collect 8 papers isn't great game design.

    Doom 3 (and others from doom series): Start out really scary and creepy, but the further it progresses it turns into a generic shooter due all the weapons you get.

    Skyrim: I haven't played that much of Skyrim that's scary, but I did download some mods to adjust dungeon music and monsters...I almost shat my pants every 5 mins in dungeons because of the mods. xD

    I'm sure somebody has made a custom story or wathever thats focussed on the horror. :P

    Bioshock 1 (maybe 2 I can't remember): It has some really scary parts and the design of Rapture isn't bad at all either...I still remember shitting my pants picking up the shotgun.

    Dark Souls: It's too clunky and shitty looking for my taste...but the atmosphere is definitly there. I think Dark Souls 2 will be sexy as hell though :B

    My biggest recommendation would be Outlast, that games is pretty scary from beginning to end without any moment where you feel safe or relaxed. Brilliant game design and the camera effect makes it so realistic if your sitting in a dark room or with Oculus Rift.

    I would like to point out that what you see in this trailer is actually how you play it. The running, hiding, exploring, looking backwards while running are 100% the same as in this trailer. Pure gameplay.

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    Worth mentioning are the Suffering (not really scary, but tense) and Clive Barker's Undying.

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    Not really "scary" but nothing can beat Demon's & Dark souls in terms of atmosphere and that feeling of dread imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    My biggest recommendation would be Outlast
    Yeah looks really good, will be a buy later on.

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    if you want a horror fps, try Doom 3. Dead space is bad, I didn't get a proper horror feeling from it.
    The environment in Doom 3 is just better.
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    Amnesia will make you shit your pants and weep. At the same time. Or so I've been told... >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by speehs View Post
    Amnesia will make you shit your pants and weep. At the same time. Or so I've been told... >.>
    It's not that bad actually. Atleast the original story isn't that scary. There are some custom stories that are 10x as scary though.

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    Silent Hill 1
    Silent Hill 3
    Siren Blood Curse
    Penumbra: Black Plague

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    As everyone has said, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is quite terrifying. But I think Fatal Frame 2 actually takes it, insofar as FF2 was the only horror game I've never been able to complete out of sheer nervousness every time I played.

    Other solid titles: the Silent Hill series went downhill fast after the second one, but those first two were rock solid, if not especially frightening. The first Forbidden Siren (just Siren for people in the US) was positively brutal with its characters- the massive culling around the halfway mark was a huge shock to me while playing, because so many people died who you would not expect.

    The only Xbox game I played that was even marginally scary was Call of Cthulhu, but that game was ultimately more frustrating than anything else

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