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    Way back from Ordon Sanctuary

    What is the best way to get back across the bridge coming from Ordon Sanctuary.
    The cloak lets you jump across, but not back which I found out the hard way

    Or is there not a way back across the bridge, if so what is an alternative way back other than jumping down the side of a cliff

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    run across the lake by the graveyard and drop down is the best you can do.

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    Yeah just run round the back to the graveyard, across the water and up over the lip.

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    There are some cliffs on the right side (toward the east), including near the graveyard - near the pond (best place I think to avoid falling damage).

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    You can buy five Golden Gliders for 1000 coins, I think, from a vendor in the Celestial area, which allow you to glide down to the ground. I always keep a stock of them on hand for getting down (also for getting back to Huolon's spawn point quickly).

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    that will definitely get you across the broken bridge.
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    I run east, up to the graveyard and over the lake, allows you to drop down near where leafmender spawns.

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    lake gy down those cliffs, that sounds like the best option. ty everyone who said that

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    Best wayy imho is by the teleport from Timeless Island Trinket

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    Since I'm a Hunter I just jump down. Out of combat Disengage ftw
    If you don't have anything to break your fall, run a bit east to where the graveyard is. There should be enough platforms to safely get down.

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