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    Unitframe Layouts

    Wondering if anyone knows of anywhere or a good UI to download for a good unit frame layout. I'm bored of my Pitbull layout I made (pretty basic, but gets the job done). I know opinion is subjective but looking for suggestions of some good STUF or SUF layouts that might be out there I could look into.

    Looking for something simple, clean, but informational.

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    Shadowed Unit Frames might be an option for you. It can get pretty simplistic at some point. It also depends a bit on what "unit frame" you're wanting to customize? Raid Frames? Nameplate frames?

    I find Vuhdo my raid frame of choice, but use Shadows for my Player, Target, and Focus frames.

    Ultimately, I think the best answer if for you to just install them and give them a shot. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses.

    Hope you find what you're looking for though!
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