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    What video capture software is the best?

    As the title, I wouldn't mind recording some of our kills/tries as we venture through the heroics, especially considering we are about to progress on Will in MSV.

    So, what software is generally the best, putting the quality/ease of use/price (if any) into the equation?

    I've heard about frap's, but would like some advice from experienced user's. (on that, or any other)


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    Hey Hypasonic,

    I found this and I hope it helps you.

    www . bestvideocapturesoftwarereview. com

    Let me know if it does.

    Much love.

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    EpicRewind is video capture software that has a key differentiating feature: RAM RollingBuffer mode. This works like an on-demand instant-replay: a game is hooked and the video is continuously buffered in system RAM, when something cool happens the user can save the buffer contents with the press of a hotkey. So rather than saving video from your entire gaming session you can just save the good stuff after it actually happens. In addition, EpicRewind provides some nice performance benefits over traditional capture software: video processing, encoding and writing to disk only happen when you choose to save a video clip. During video buffering, the contents of the framebuffer are just being copied to system memory X times per second based your specified capture FPS.

    Key advantages of the RAM RollingBuffer:

    - You don't need to pre-plan a gaming video, you can just play the game without thinking of the video at all. If something interesting happens you can always choose to save it after it's happened.
    - Ideal for MMOs and Multiplayer games where 99% of the gameplay isn't worth sharing and the interesting stuff can happen at unexpected times.

    Added benefits:

    - One of the best benefits is that it saves you time by eliminating the need to dig through all your saved gameplay footage to find the good stuff.
    - Saves disk space by not writing countless hours of video to disk your just going to throw away later after you dig out the highlights.
    - More efficient use of system resources by not processing and encoding video the entire time your gaming.

    The base version of EpicRewind is free and can be downloaded here:

    epicrewind . com

    Anyway, thanks for reading!

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    I haven't tired anything other than Bandicam tbh. i havent had a problem with it yet, simple to use and works just fine. If you don't want to buy the full bundle it also comes available as a trial with no end date, you'll need to put up with the watermark and limited to 10min recordings until you decide to buy or try different software

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    Personally I prefer the streaming software myself. Lets you put the game on your recording, but also a webcam right away, text, computer & mic audio, and most anything else you think of. Open Broadcasting Software is free, open-source, generally faster, but lacks a few features of the other program. Oh, and it's free. XSplit, meanwhile, is easier to set up a local recording with, has more features, but is paid software.
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