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    Arcane and 4T16, what armor?

    I have currently frost setup with 12684 haste breakpoint and about 10k unbuffed mastery and i want to give a try to arcane with 4pc t16, i did only some testing on dummies and i was under the impression that frost armor +LB performs better than mage armor+LB, is that true? My theory is that with the higher mana regen from FA you can cast more AB at 4 stacks without going down with mana and proccing more AM, doing so allows me to stay for longer at 4 arcane charges before using barrage.

    Edit: i have flex +8 immerseus trinket and normal +8 dark shaman trinket.
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    9762 haste - LB + Frost Armor = Single Target
    NT + Mage Armor = Cleave
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