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    resto shaman looking for advise on off spec

    Hi, resto shaman here. Currently don't really have an offspec just been using my resto gear in elemental to kill stuff on the isle. The only ele piece I have is the flex trinket from first boss.
    My question is since I don't have gear but would like to acquire a true offspec to kill stuff on the isle dps on spoils etc is there a spec that wi make this easier ? I have raided as both in wotlk so my experience is about the same with each

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    I have the same problem... Try to get as many ele items (esp. trinkets) and do your best. I am around 28% hit with my resto gear.... DPS is ridicoulus

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    1. Set your Loot Specialization to Elemental.
    2. Kill stuff on the island get tokens, and make Ele items out of them.
    3. Get Timeless Coins and Lesser charms from killing stuff.
    4. Buy Timeless Trinket for 50k.
    5. Get Warforged Seals for Lesser Charms
    6. Queue SoO LFR as a healer but still with your Loot Specialization to Elemental.
    7. Check the loot tables and use the lesser coins on gear you can easily swap out.

    Edit: 8. Buy 522 Elememental gear from Shado Pan Assult rep.

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    I currently switch between resto and elemental in my 10 man team depending on 2 or 3 heal fights.

    The best advice I can give you over what Geekboy says to build the initial set is to use reforge lite. Once you replace some of your resto items with elemental you can use reforge lite and lock out the items which are shared between your two specs and reforge the ele only items to try and push your hit down and maintain your resto set as your perfect set. When you get an upgrade to the resto set just move the old piece to your ele set and slowly you will get two individual sets, although some items are so good they will be in both sets. Just make sure you lock them in reforgelite to maintain your main spec set perfect and just deal with having sub par reforged items in your second set.

    Also dont be afraid of taking two of a single item if nobody else needs it for reforging purposes. Once you have got two separate sets of gear it becomes easier to maintain them both to a high standard trading resto into ele when you get resto upgrades.

    good luck

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    I use Elemental, i lucky by the end of tot to have full elemental offspec gear, so ive just been replacing the pieces with timeless isle drops and soO os drops. And also keep your old resto pieces as you can use them aswell.
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    Keep your old gear, some of it may be useful as Elemental pieces.

    I'd recommend going on http://askmrrobot.com/wow/gear and loading up your character. Use their in-game addon to export your bag and bank data to the site. Then set Resto as your main spec (remember to add spirit soft cap and pick the gearing strategy you want) and Elemental as your offspec, and use the Best-In-Bags tool. It picks out the best gear you have for Resto, locks it, and then tries to build an Elemental set by using a combination of gear you have but are not using for Resto and locked Resto items.

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    Pretty much if you get a couple ele trinkets you have your ele set. Otherwise if you go enhance you have to acquire a totally new set of gear. I would stay with ele as that requires the least work for the reward.

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    Pretty much the main difference between Ele and Resto is that resto is going to have a shitload more Spirit then ele does (since Ele only needs enough spirit to reach the hit cap).

    Since the current stat priority for Ele (after hit cap) is Mastery > Haste>= Crit, and the current priority for Resto seems to be Spirit > Haste (to 12%ish breakpoint) > Mastery > haste > crit, your current resto gear should favour Spirit and Mastery, which is what you will want on a lot of your ele gear.

    That being the case, just save all your old stuff you replace as you upgrade your current gear, and start building an Ele set with it by reforging off as much spirit as you can for Mastery (and when you cant reforge spirit -> mastery, go haste or crit.)

    Honestly, your best investment for building a decent ele switching set would be to replace your Trinkets as soon as possible, and get a second hat as soon as possible, since the most signifigant difference between the two gear sets would be trinkets and your Meta Gem. After that, it all comes down to how quickly you can replace pieces to dump spirit untill your ele set is not crazy over the hit cap.

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