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    Tips for Dark Shamans Heroic

    Hi Guys

    Me and a pally heal the 2 tanks (Druid & DK) up at Nazgrim's gate, but I think due to poor cd management we kept dying @ about < 50% boss health.

    Herewith our logs:

    OUr pala is specced HoP and should use it on himself to clear the Toxic Mist debuff @ 6 secs, as this do hit like a truck and would alleviate a lot of the damage, but what do I user or do we just heal through it....Also when this Toxic mist debuff is up and Foulstream is incoming we should use a cd as well?...So I only have barkskin and have a 1min cd, how to effectively use my cd's or any advice?

    Also when Falling Ash is incoming - as this hits 15sec's after its announced...we can use Aura Mastery as a cd up there...can I use tranq or will I get knocked...

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    We healed it with pally and resto as well. However we had a prot pally to also use HoP on the resto. With the falling ash you need to make a cd rotation for sure. What kept us from killing it within 10 tries was just having the healers alive in that group. We ended up with devo aura, tranq, dev aura, hero+personals. That got us the kill.

    Good luck

    (hope it doesnt despawn 4x on -10% for you guys :S)

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    There is a paladin-cooldown reducing periodic effects by 70%. Use that as well.
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    We only had one healer up where earthbreaker is tanked. The debuff that goes on the tank can pretty much be ignored. It'll only spawn one tomb on the healer. This was done with a shammy, so a driud can do it too. Pally is better used downstairs for his shields.
    I very much doubt you were consistently wiping because of the earthbreaker group.

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    You can to use barkskin and ironbark and focus healing on the healers.
    I keep shroom on myself and bloom it when needed.
    Cast barksking/ironbark when toxic mist is <10s.
    For the last 5s I cast some regrowth on self for the heal and the living seed.

    I was healing with a disc priest though.

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    Thanks for all the tips guys.

    Yes we are 3 tanking it as I mentioned in my topic. Also mana is not my issue as all.

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    I heal (resto druid) up at the gate with 2 tanks (Druid and DK) they mostly need help with spike damage otherwise they manage the selfhealing quite okay.

    I found that the easiest way for me to stay alive was with Soul of the Forest (mostly using it to supercharge a Lifebloom on myself) and Heart of the Wild, to have a good buff for the last 25%.

    Just keep the Mushroom under you, always have LB + Reju on yourself, reju the tanks, use Cleastcasting procs to heal the current tank. If you start healing in the corner right at the gate, you can get a nice line of tombs and then when the other boss starts doing Falling Ash move over to the other side of that "platform" and you will get the 10% damage reduction buff. I only popped personals when either Foulstream hit or Falling Ash hit whilst my debuff was under 10sec.
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    I have a few tips for you...

    - Use the Glyph of Efflo and keep a mushroom underneath you and your paladin.
    - If you have a strong partner for healing the two tanks (which you should), focus on keeping lb on yourself, and rejuv blanketing at least the healers, and the tanks when necessary
    - If the foul stream is coming out on either of the healers, and the dot is out, go ahead and ironbark them before the stream comes out
    - Always be ready for the Iron Tombs. >50% they come out directly after the Iron Prison targets expire
    - I am running Big Wigs over DBM for this boss, as it shows when falling ash hits, not when it gets triggered
    - Remove the Blobs countdown from your times, as well as whirlwinds (there's already enough to keep track of)
    - Finally, a nice timer for watching who has Iron Prison, and when it expires. (WeakAura2)
    pastebin. com/ja4ZchNf (can't post links yet, space between pastebin and .com)

    Other advise that may not be specific to you:
    - Make certain your tanks understand how the walls work. They come out perpendicular to the direction you're facing. They will spawn based on how you're facing at the start of the cast, not at its conclusion.
    - They melee, and it hurts. So move quickly (all)
    - We don't provide a lot of help for falling ashe as far as damage mitigation, so come up with a rotation of rallying cry, devo aura, etc. to pair with good healing CD's. Don't be afraid to call out asking for everyone to use personals. MAKE CERTAIN THE HEALERS WITH THE DEBUFF ARE COMPLETELY TOPPED OFF, WITH GOOD HOTS TO LIVE THROUGH THE ASH. It hurts with the dot. Also, tombs still suck at this part.
    - Near the very end, you'll be running into the shenanigans from the bottom group, just suck it up and be hyper aware of your surroundings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xegor View Post
    .....when the other boss starts doing Falling Ash move over to the other side of that "platform" and you will get the 10% damage reduction buff. I only popped personals when either Foulstream hit or Falling Ash hit whilst my debuff was under 10sec.
    Foulstream never hit us as healers, or do it still provide damage? Also what gives the 10% damage reduction buff on the otherside of the "platform"? Is this platform you are referring to on nazgrims gate side the elevated ground area against the wall or is it the other side with the mini cliff alongside the walkway up to the gate?

    @Ironbark, ye i use that Iron Prison WeakAura for start but not rly effective since we dont get it up at the gate. Also using that glyph actually permanently Thx for the other tips
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    the best you can do is bring 5 players up to harom, be it 1 or 2 healers.
    2 players will get toxic mist debuff. and the person without always gets the foulstream, tanks can also qualiify for it i think.(it always prefers a target without toxic mist)

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    Hey, I soloed that side on my resto druid on our kill this week.

    I ran SotF / NV. Both of these talents are really strong when dealing with this type of ticking damage - it helps you to regulate mana alot. Keep efflo mushrooms underneath the two of you. You might want to look at the 13,163 haste breakpoint. Very nice boost to healing.

    Toxic mist - use hand of purity, keep rejuvs rolling. Make sure to put your sotf rejuvs on mist targets. Don't overuse genesis as the damage is very predictable.

    Foulstream - if it targets tanks, np. If it targets one of you, you should ironbark them. Genesis should also be used any time there is a foulstream on someone with mists.

    Falling ash (below 50%, your problem area) - you NEED a timer for when it hits. You can use bigwigs or DBM Alpha (DBM alpha can be downloaded from - it contains more than regular DBM) Have a charged mushroom under you and ready. Have rejuvs running. Just before it hits you pop genesis, as it hits insta press mushroom. This should make you survive.

    Sub 25% they gain a damage buff. Raid cooldowns on your side such as AM and large immunities such as bubbles and iceblocks should be saved to counter damage that could potentially 1shot you.

    Our logs

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    From a 25hc perspective, I especially think the real issue is falling ash. We were 3 heals but I'm sure it's doable with 2. Just have a devo + healing cd. Each time, or war banners. The real issue is just to track the explosion well. My personnel fav is to have genesis just before explosion with at least 4 or 5 hots ticking. It helps a lot !

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    Now I'll be giving you a tip that'll completely negate Toxic Mist. It can be LoS'd.

    When the debuffs are about to expire, run into a nearby hut to be out of line of sight of Earthbreaker Haromm. He will cast Toxic Mist on whoever's in range and within line of sight. This'll allow you to one heal Haromm. Sit either yourself or the holy paladin and add a dps to the Wavebinder Kardris group. This way, Toxic Mist will always be on the two tanks. Be careful about Iron Tombs and avoid Foul Stream as you normally would.

    The tanks would have to self-heal/survive/CD every time you run inside, but that shouldn't be too bad at all.
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    Thx for all the tips don't know so much about the LOS thing, as that means I have to run every 25sec away into a hut...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amphion View Post
    the best you can do is bring 5 players up to harom, be it 1 or 2 healers.
    2 players will get toxic mist debuff. and the person without always gets the foulstream, tanks can also qualiify for it i think.(it always prefers a target without toxic mist)
    This is what made the difference for our first kill. Although I wasn't really sure why, but healing is much easier with 5 man on Haromm than only 4. Just set up this group with 2 tanks, 2 healers and 1 melee who has a much easier time dpsing the boss than with the other team. Our rogue did 350k dps like this (80% on Haromm).
    The only difficult thing is Falling Ash, make sure to use CDs for each (either group CDs or personal for those with the debuff). Also learn to recognize when it's really dangerous, meaning the debuff is about to fall off when Ash hits and is doing really a lot damage.

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    this is how I do it: resto PoV

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    My guild does it with a resto druid and a shaman healing the melee. I really do believe our toolkit is best up there.
    A paladin + shammy, and disc priest + shammy just wasn't cutting it on the first kill.
    I moved over there and we had a 5% wipe. Next pull it was dead.
    Here's a video as well. Our second kill.

    Also, ranked number 2 on this fight at the time I've ranked number 2 twice actually. Love this fight hope you killed it bro.

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    dont forget to use Might of Ursoc as a way to be sure u live through falling ash + whatever else tht is hitting u at the same time, rly helps a lot

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    shaman + druid is a good combo btw, and paladin/disc is good against iron prisons.

    Keep efflorence up
    Keep rejuv up at the other healer and you at all times
    Regrowth when it's needed and with procs.
    rotate cd's iron bark and barkskin when 11 seconds left, reduces a lot of the incoming damage.
    save something like ironbound fortitude, fortifying brew and such for falling ash.

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