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    Difficulty choosing a class after returning

    First of all, i apologize if this is the completely wrong forum section, i wasn't entirely sure where to put this, it doesn't fit in a specific class category, so i felt this was the second best section.

    With that said, let's jump into my question!
    The story is, i've recently returned to the game about 2 weeks after MOP's release, and I'm having a lot of difficulty in sticking to a class, because so much has changed, I'm no longer sure what class fits the role I'm after.

    I'm more of a solo player, however i am looking to raid, when it comes down to what type of playstyle i'm after, i'm really not 100% certain if i would like to tank or DPS, healing is something I'm not confident with, as i prefer to look at the action, not the health bars.

    Raiding is mostly definitely something i would like to get into again, being an ex-hardcore raider during WOTLK & Cata, though i feel i may have re-joined this expansion a bit too late to get into this now, i'll see how things go.

    Now to cut a long story short, which class would you say fits what i'm after? Tanking or DPSing, i don't mind, however i would like to be of use to a raid group and provide viable DPS & Or tanking prowess, I'd like to think my skill as a player is above average, so it really boils down to the ability of the class. The ability to solo old-school content (to the most recent content as possible) is also a huge plus as this is something i would love to do.

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    Warrior DPS, works good when soloing and does quite some nice Damage output in Raids these days.

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    How are warriors when it comes to soloing old content? I assume you'd go Prot with DPS gear?

    In regards to the rogue comment, i can't imagine a rogue being a very good soloer for old contented raids, but thanks for the comment.

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    I'm sorry, but we don't allow "Help Me Choose My Class" threads here. It's a personal decision only you can make for yourself no matter what we say here. Threads like this serve no real purpose.

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