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    Have you met people like those before?

    I'm just curious , I was in a SoO normal pug group , we cleared 4 bosses and everything was alright.
    Then the leader decided to kick me for no reason , and he also ignored me.
    Just my luck with people?

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    Hard to say, since it's unlikely any of us were there and you haven't provided much in the way of details.

    I suspect there probably was a reason, and you either aren't telling us what it is because it might reflect poorly on you, or there was a reason and you honestly have no idea what it was.

    Those two options just seem more likely to me than a group leader just randomly kicking you for no reason.

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    Yes, I already got kicked of a raid for no reason...

    I don't really understand why people don't say the reason or at least something.

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    could be multiable reasons but as he didnt say anything and ignored. his reason wasnt a good one. perhaps a friend came online

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    I've never encountered that before, no. There could be a lot of reasons for that behavior.

    You could have been under-performing or standing in shit or annoying them, he could have been waiting to get someone in on Galakras who had been saved, a friend or guildied could have logged on... but, regardless of his reason, not saying anything and just kicking you is a pretty assholeish thing to do.

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    Fortunately no, I haven't. Perhaps he was inviting a guild mate or real-life friend, though not sure why he wouldn't respond.

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    Maybe it was your class. Some snooty raid leaders tend to kick or not invite people who prove as competition for their own gear.

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