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    I'll be there like on all the previous warlock runs

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    570 as a casual

    are you even serious ?

    560 ok but 570 means lot of heroic items

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    hnngh, travelling during that time, wtb 1 week earlier

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    Sounds good! Count me in!

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    Count me in =) sounds like a whole lot of fun!

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    Hi there !

    I would be glad to join you guys, but currently i'm at 560ilvl even if we are at 8/14HC 10 man, hope it will increase during next month.

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    Will see if I can be there for that day myself :P

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    see you there!

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    I would like join too

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    I would like to see this action can't way to hear more about this.

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    I currently have 566 ilvl (easily570+) come 30th november and have used openraid (if that matters).

    I would be very interested in trying 25 warlocks vs tot

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    Ill make an open raid event for it soon, to keep track of how many people are coming. Probably will do it tomorow, and then will post the link to the Open Raid event in the thread .
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    Cant wait to see the Vid for this!

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    Right behind you!
    I would love to come if i were on a EU server :'(
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    Sounds like fun, count me in.
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    Also, I love your short-temper. Did you know that people like you are the most fun to mess with? Not that I'm doing it. Yet.
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    Is that a like a charge within a charge? :P

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    i'll be there like my previous runs also. Though lets hope my gear ramps up 10 hc cleared and multple HC kills 10man still no Tier pieces and 563 ilvl >.. still no trinkets bad times 10man

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    If I wasn't mid progress I'd change my faction and realm to pop over and do this for the weekend, looks like these previous efforts at locking instances have been a lot of fun. Looking forward to the vid when it comes out.

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