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    I currently play on A52-US and I like it but I find the economy so inflated things are way more expansive than it were on Stormrage. I wish I could xfer to a more 'medium' pop server with good active community like on A52 but my friends play here so I'm kinda stuck (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    At medium pop realm, everything is pretty smooth and I like it. Sometimes I wish there were more people but at least I never have to sit in queue to log in.
    pretty much that

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    Yes. Very high population, rather easy to get involved, the only downside is the queue times on certain evenings.
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    I hate Stormrage. No realm ever should be allowed to be this populated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akraen View Post
    I hate Stormrage. No realm ever should be allowed to be this populated.
    There are a few realms that have higher population then stormscale, i'm even playing on one, and i like the amount of people i see =)
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    EU-Anachronos - and No - it's a dead realm esp for Horde - and the raiding on the Ally side isn't great - hard to move about - 3 or 4 guilds doing okay - the rest a long way behind. Will be moving toons before next exp pack hits
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    I'm on Burning Blade EU Horde side. It used to be a Horde dominated server. Now it's the complete opposite. It's says it's medium population, but it's doesn't feel like it at all.

    It amuses me when I visit other realms via friends and you see in trade chat people complaining that their server is dying/dead. They know nothing...

    Very much looking forward to connected realms when they eventually happen.

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    I'm leaning more towards yes than no.

    The big problem (and really the only problem) is that my server is hugely populated by Alliance. I don't have any statistics, but playing as a Horde there, you truly feel like the ratio is 70/30 or something. The downside of this is that the PVE-side on Horde is completely dead. Back in WotLK and Cata there were at least 6-7 big guilds clearing stuff, but now there are a few closed 10-man guilds but not much more. The alliance-side however has one of the most successful guilds in Europe, and many other great guilds.

    This is a bit of a shame for me because I miss being in a raiding-guild and would love to do it again. However, there's really no active guilds who are recruiting, and the amount of horde guilds in comparison to alliance is ridiculous. On the other hand, I have built myself a home on the server after being there for 5 years, and I don't feel like paying the migration/faction changes of 7-8 characters. Because if I were to move, I would move all of my characters.

    Right now I'm hoping that something changes and that the balance evens out. We used to have a fantastic PVE-side in WotLK and Cata, so maybe it will swing around a bit more in the next expansion. This sounds like it's more negative than positive, but I do enjoy not having to wait to login to a crowded server. Queues are nice for the most part, and whenever I go somewhere to do "horde"-stuff, it's not as overcrowded as being in the majority faction on a server. World PVP is a bitch though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lor_Azut View Post
    I currently play on A52-US and I like it but I find the economy so inflated things are way more expansive than it were on Stormrage. I wish I could xfer to a more 'medium' pop server with good active community like on A52 but my friends play here so I'm kinda stuck (:
    I was on Area 52 during BC / Wotlk, was such a nice server, since faction changes it slowly turned horde favored, I left end wotlk. Mind you at this point there was a top 10 world guild and plenty of good players on alliance.

    Looking at wowprogress it's a 1 : 0.1 ratio, and 0 guilds out of the 300 SoO ranked on that server are alliance. Thats so fucked.

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    Old realm dead, new realm dead on horde side. PvP.
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    Not really. I mean Turalyon is med pop and generally decent but lately Horde has grown and Alliance has shrunk a bit, it's not very noticeable yet but there's definitely not a lot of things going on compared to what I recall say in the end of Wrath and even towards the end of Cata. I think I've only seen maybe a handful of Flex pugs forming, and haven't ever seen people doing Challenge Modes or the like. Outside of Heroic Scenarios and the world bosses, very little goes on Alliance side.
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    I play on a medium PvE server (EU-Bronzebeard) that is mostly Ally. I really enjoy it a lot. It could be bit more crowded but in generaly it being small makes it much more peacefull and friendly that any realm I have been on previously. Guild recruitment is dodgy at times (especially as a national guild - some people don't easily transfer to smaller realms) but since we keep going it's not that bad

    I play on my current realm since later Firelands. Before, I've played on PvP realms (EU-Chromaggus Vanilla/TBC; EU-Burning Legion WotLK/part Cata) and I've found those realms too "wannabe-elitist" to really enjoy raiding. I mean the atmosphere of unhealthy competition really easily got to people's heads leading to too much drama. It's on my new realm that I have finally learnt after years of raiding that you can have decent progression without shouting and losing all your nerves. Raidng for yourself is hell lot more enjoyable than raiding in an environment that expects you to constantly prove yourself (at least not in a long run).

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    US Illidan... lol...
    Nah, I love the hustle and bustle, always full, no trolls in trade as there is always someone looking for RBGs or other raids.

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    Draenor EU, WAY overpopulated, needed its inbound transfers locked months ago. Sure, it's fine for folk who spend their lives in instanced raids and like the higher pop for finding groups, but I like to do outdoors stuff. I also like being able to tag a mob once in a while, and to not be lagged to death whenever Evermaw/ship (or Oondasta/Galleon before 5.4) spawns. Also, as somebody who pays Blizz twice for the extra character slots a 2nd account brings, it'd be nice to not have to wait over an hour to switch alt in the evenings, the queues are just ridiculous.

    If I'd been here less time I'd have got out of here by now, but it's been my home for over eight years. Most of my old friends are inactive, but pop in now and again, so I like to be able to actually find them, plus frankly it just feels wrong playing on other servers - I do have alts elsewhere but it feels weird not seeing the familiar names around me. Granted Draenor is 90% strangers these days, there's such a big influx now, but I do still see people running around Timeless Isle and think "Oh, I remember grouping with him back in Burning Crusade!", and that side just makes it feel more homelike. So I'll never bring myself to move, but argh, I wish they'd slow down the rate of incoming people, because it really is not fun any more.

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    I'm happy with Silvermoon EU, though there are some pretty lengthy queues at times and the alliance to horde ratio is 90/10 at most.
    A few days ago I was in a 900+ queue which took almost an hour to get through. D:

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    Kazzak EU, overpopulated, but loads of good/decent guilds. Big queues on the usual raiding days. Shame the alliance side of the realm is dead, you'd be hard pressed to find any allies even if you went to IF/SW.

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    I am not happy with my old server, but since I moved some of my toons to bleeding hollow I am happy.
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    Yes for the most part, better than the last servers I've been on. High pop.

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    I don't like Draenor EU but I don't hate it, I play alliance and the faction imbalance is ridiculous, alliance has maybe 4 or 5 raiding guilds being generous there is rarely ever anything going in trade, the economy is pretty useless and the community isn't great but its not bad either, not lot of talking or trading. I hear horde is great though! But I refuse to give in and realm/faction change, I've played alliance on draenor for 8 years and I don't plan on stopping no matter how bad it gets although with another of one of the oldest guilds on our realm realm changing it aint looking hopeful.
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    No , bunch of cunts.

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