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    High pop realm
    Overall really happy that I made the move from a dying/dead realm to the biggest Alliance PVE server in the EU (Silvermoon)
    few things let it down, Login queues, a bit of lag from time to time, But these are expected and tolerated due to actually having an environment which is populated.
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    Nope. My realm is medium pop with a huge faction imbalance (4 or 5 to 1) and I rarely see any other horde players. Sometimes I'll be logged into wow and be sitting in Trade chat and I alt tab out to browse the internet and what not, and even after an hour I see that not one message was posted in trade. I just leveled an alt and I was saying WTB gems or whatever in trade, saying it once every 10 minutes or so and by the time I gave up I had 6 posts in a row :S

    Not that I'm a raider but I think there are 4 Horde guilds who have killed a boss in any difficulty of SoO (with the highest guild having killed 6 bosses on normal). On the other side our server has a top 50 alliance guild.

    Very little organized PvP going on. I do bgs and arena with two buddies but we rarely see other Horde players pvping on our server.

    And don't even get me started about world bosses. Been playing all the way through MoP and have never found a group for Sha of Anger, Galleon, Nalak (I know there were groups doing nalak but I didn't play as much during 5.2 and never managed to get into one) and Oondasta. I also have a hard time finding groups for the celestials. Haven't done them in the past 3 weeks, but that's likely just bad timing. I seriously need to download Oqueue.

    I like the Timeless Isle because it at least gives a bit of a sense of community even though most of the people there arent part of my faction. Here's to hoping it balances out a bit with Connected realms.
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    I am on Zenedar-EU .... i am tottaly not glad with the server i am on... its dead like really dead... and theres mayb 2-3 reasonable guilds to raid with. not many choice... and half dont even know the basics of wow on the server.

    But i play multiple characters and .... they are help eachother with professions etc. so if i move i need to atleast transfer 5 characters and pref a guild ... wich is already aroudn 110 euro.... i dont even have enough to get me a blizzcon virtual ticket... i cant even think bout moving from this shit hole

    so no i am tottaly no happy with my server, and i just cba to reroll on a whole diffrent server without my toons wich i care deeply about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    i realm switched over Proudmoore when i learned it was LGBT friendly, and i love being there.
    so wish there were more Horde players on the that side, I am glad to be in the guild I am and among the community that server has.
    I'm on US-Proudmoore as well! It's a really wonderful PvE server, very active, good raiding. Easily the best server I've played on. It's very populated, but not so populated that I've yet had to sit in a queue to log on, even during peak hours on major patch days (namely, 5.4). I'm sure there will be some queues when the next expansion launches, though.

    I'm on the more populous Alliance side. My guild has made a few server moves over the years. We started on US-Chromaggus, which had some life to it in BC and throughout Wrath, but the population was in a state of continual decline throughout the Trial of the Crusader and ICC patches. Eventually, there was 1 25m raiding guild and 1 10m guild (that was us) on the entire Alliance side of the server who were still raiding by about the time Halion came out. We moved to US-Kil'Jaeden in Cataclysm, since we were unhappy with the dead realm of Chromaggus.
    That was a good move for a while, we reconnected with a few old Chromaggus friends who had also transferred, and got some decent recruits for our raiding team. We did very well in Firelands and fairly well in Dragon Soul, but we lost a lot of people around the time we started progressing into Heroics. Around the end of Cataclysm and the beginning of Mists, the Horde side started to grow and the Alliance side started to decline. We began having trouble recruiting any decent raiders or pugs, and it was difficult to do daily or world content, as Horde side had a 40+ man multiboxer who began camping quest and event hubs.
    We ended up deciding to transfer to US-Proudmoore about halfway through 5.3, and quickly picked up some great raiders who have become real core members of our team and our guild's community. It's the first PvE server that we've played on since starting the game, for most of us- I've been on PvP realms since Classic, and I gotta say, it's very relaxing to swap to PvE after 8 years.
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    Mine is locked, 1000+ queue after 7 pm, tons of lag in and outside raids, 100% horde 0% ally.

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    Alleria -US PvE here main server. Alliance side is ok but hardly any world boss groups. I'm in the last 25man raiding guild on the server. Horde side just plain sucks.
    Illidan- US PvP here for my Horde alt. Way too Horde dominated, hardly see any Alliance. And hard to read chat at times with so much Chinese spam ON A U.S. SERVER.

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    Nah, it's high pop and with CRZ and it being PvP, a lot of the toxic attitudes from Darkspear and Tichondrius spill over. I thought it would be a lot better when I first transferred at the end of Wrath, but it's been fairly miserable, especially through Cata. I met some great people, but all the people I transferred over to play with have all quit. I have my gf and one consistent guildie that logs in about every day, so we don't do much of anything, especially because my schedule has changed so much after having a kid. Now, in my casual days, I'd prefer a quiet, low pop PvE server where I'm free to do or go wherever I please.

    The PvP server thing didn't matter initially, as the immense outnumbering of Horde to Alliance was a good change of scenery from my old server and you would never see any Alliance.

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    Pretty happy on my realm (Earthen Ring EU), despite being quite low pop and RP.
    But I've been here for a few years, the past year or 1,5 as Alliance which feels better populated.

    Happy with my guild and even if I wasn't, it's not worth it for me to move over several chars to a new realm due to the amount of time I play or will play.

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    I'm on Drak'Tharon-US, one of the smallest servers, and I am happy since I'm on the only Alliance raid group on the server for SoO and run at least 3 different AH markets(glyphs, gems, and battle pets). I know everyone else on my server wants more people, but I enjoy having many monopolies and a low amount of trolls.

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    Pvp player>Stormscale. WORST community ever. Bunch of teenage kids who like to "troll" -fuck you 9gag and others for making that a "trend" among retards-, gets on your nerves. Still, not hard to find people for pvpz. Queues hurt sometimes but I really started not caring about that at all.

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    Agramaar - EU. Great medium population realm, so no queues but always things happening, pugs to join, people talking in trade, not too many nappy brats or drama queens. A lovely place I hope is not ruined when linking happens - hope we are linked with busy Horde realm so the Alliance stays as unchanged as possible.

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    Almost 50/50 H/A, and enough people to do most of the things, good realm so far

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    Frostmourne-EU. Once one of the go-to servers has now been declared dead by me. No raiding guild left, can't even find an arena partner on wednesday.

    my realm: comparison between february 2012 and may 2013...only NPCs left nowadays.

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    Terenas EU

    Doing fine I guess, but the Alliance vastly outnumber the Horde by atleast 3:1. I very rarely see pugs going, and as far as I know we never do any fun activities

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    I play horde on mal'ganis and there are never any alliance around to kill

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    I'll answer in a couple days. Need to see how this 3 server connected realms are before I can say anything.

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    My old server Dragonmaw is pretty much dead on Alliance side, they might still have some horde left though. I went to Sargeras about 6 or 7 months ago and haven't looked back. Very glad I did it.

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    Nope. Last time I was on, months ago, it was dead. Empty AH, no raiding guilds, no organized PvP, only saw 2 people I recognized.
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    Hellscream EU here. Moved from Blade's Edge EU years ago (that realm was dying when I left it) and now it feels like Hellscream is slowly dying too... on both servers the top guild left and things seemed to go downhill from there. Ah well, looking forward to virtual realms and hopefully that'll inject a bit more life into it.
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    Dead realm with no one on it and no free transfers? Couldnt be happier! -_-

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