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    Are you happy with your Realm?

    Simple question, are you happy with your realm?
    Or are you not happy with your realm, for whatever reason? (Low pop?, to high pop? barely any pve or pvp?)
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    My realm is quiet, and I like it that way. I know I'm in a minority but connected realms may even kill the game for me, we shall see.
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    At medium pop realm, everything is pretty smooth and I like it. Sometimes I wish there were more people but at least I never have to sit in queue to log in.
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    My old realm died off and i was unhappy with it. Nothing ever happened, no pugs or world boss kills.

    Moved to a high pop server and now its great

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    Yes but it's going to be hell when new expansion launches (second most populated alliance US server).

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    Twisting Nether. More raiding guilds on this server than any other server in the game (except maybe some Asian server if they have bigger ones). Almost all of them horde.

    I'm happy! 4/14 heroic pugs exist for me to join with alts if I want to.
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    I am happy with my realm, the only thing that is a bit of a downer is the AH, but hopefully with the new virtual realms thingy that wont be an issue anymore So I'll vote yes!

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    Currently playing on Argent Dawn EU, great population, good RP. I love it!

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    i realm switched over Proudmoore when i learned it was LGBT friendly, and i love being there.
    so wish there were more Horde players on the that side, I am glad to be in the guild I am and among the community that server has.

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    Alonsus-EU, "med" pop.
    Not happy at all, dead realm. Only thing keeping me here is my guild, and we're looking forward to connected realms possibly bringing new recruits.

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    I love my realm for the fact that it's high pop and there's always people around, can always find pretty much anything on AH at reasonable prices since there are so many players. However the fact that this realm has so many players is also it's downfall since there are up to 1 hour queues some days to actually get in and play (last time was yesterday evening).

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    Disliking it thoroughly. It's a full realm, with peak hour queues reaching 500-700 every day. To top it off I'm playing alliance and the horde are massively outnumbering us. Timeless Isle is fun ...yeah.
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    not particularly. the availability of skilled players is abysmal
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    Draenor is great, sometimes there's some server lag when I release spirit in a raid but being on a full server is far better than a dead one.

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    I dislike it right now. My favorite setting is a quiet/slow PvP realm. I want open world PvP and SOME risk of being ganked, but not to the point where it's impossible to quest on alts without being camped and teabagged by a level ?? for hours. My server used to be a pretty good example of this. PvP happened, but not enough that the entire world felt like a BG without the level brackets.

    Most realms I've tried playing on is at one extreme or the other. It's either completely dead to the point where nothing happens, or you're spending the entire time corpse running back to where you just got ganked. When CRZ came along, most servers felt like the "spend entire time corpse running" part. I also don't want farming to feel like Wal Mart on Black Friday when there's only one cheap DVD player left.
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    Borean Tundra here, generally low/med pop, you hardly see ANYONE, but the few people you do see keep to themselves. You have a lot of asshats on timeless isles too, never call out spawns, you often find mages/warlocks/hunters who just solo all the rares so no one else gets loot.

    Wish I could transfer off and find a higher pop pve realm and a good raiding guild, sadly can't afford it.

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    Well enough. I mean, it's not perfect and there are things I'd change if I had the magical ability to, but it's been my home since classic and I have friends there, so I don't plan on leaving.
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    I play on a lower medium pop server.

    I don't mind not having tons of people. I don't mind being able to do what I need to do in the world without seeing tons of other people doing the same.

    But I hate the AH. Absolutely hate it. Can't get what you want. A few no lifers an absolutely control the whole thing making all items way to expensive.

    Other then that not much to see. Not much to worry about. Guild is way more important then realm by any means.

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    Yeah im happy with mine. Alot of people from my country, pretty much any serious raiding guild talk in my native language so it's nice. Most raiding guilds play horde side however which is fine for me as i prefer horde most of the time.

    Oh i fogot to mention. Burning Legion Eu is realm i play (Can't say it's attractive realm for someone who don't speak polish )
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    Not really. Playing on Wyrmrest Accord US, and I've become pretty disillusioned with RP over the last couple of years to the point where I'm not sure why I'm still on the server. I've been considering a move to an oceanic server to better match my time zone. Any recommendations?

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