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  • Garrosh dies, executed by the Shado-pan

    17 7.36%
  • Garrosh dies, killed by some spontaeneous event (Burning Legion invasion?)

    41 17.75%
  • Garrosh lives, but heavily punished by the Shado-Pan

    67 29.00%
  • Garrosh lives, freed entirely to go on being a villain

    19 8.23%
  • Garrosh lives, freed entirely to become an anti-hero

    37 16.02%
  • Garrosh lives, freed entirely to become a force of good in Warcraft

    24 10.39%
  • Other (state your reasons in your post)

    26 11.26%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    What's the difference between anti-hero and villain?
    Anti-hero is evil protagonist, while villain is antagonist.

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    I've killed Garrosh so this isn't a spoiler for me, but its worth note that the title (even as it is with the spoiler tag) is a spoiler. Anyone could see that if someone is speculating about Garrosh's fate for a future patch they must know that he lived. Perhaps those first 3 words should be removed as well.

    On topic: I don't really care at this point, I really wanted Blizzard to pull the rip cord right at release of 5.4 and lock Orgrimmar out from access for 5.4 at least. Forcibly move all horde players to another one of their capitals (maybe a slightly more convenient horde rebellion place with bank, ah, etc. could be added in Sen'jin Village). I'm a horde player, its not that I want horde inconvenienced because I'm alliance. I am always for inconvenience in the name of story immersion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Spirit View Post
    He will be in prison for 10000 years, escapes, get a blindfold, drink from some skull, grow wings and horns then will yell at you something about how prepared you are.

    The best scenario

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    I don't see option:
    He will be freed and become good(redemption incoming!).

    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Anti-hero is evil protagonist, while villain is antagonist.
    Isn't protagonist a hero?

    Anti-hero means that someone is anti hero.

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    If next expansion is BL, it seems painfully cliche and obvious that he will be sent on a death sentence to lead a suicide mission to stop the BL, and will somehow survive, and dedicate the rest of his days to crushing an enemy he has in common with his enemies (Horde & Alliance)--teh Legionz!!

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    Herald of the Titans Galbrei's Avatar
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    Other: Garrosh lives and stays in Blizzard's fridge for an indefinite amount of time until they decide what to do with him 2 or 3 expacs from now. He'll be sitting next to Bolvar, Koltira, Valiona, Theralion and Hakkar, among many many others.

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    Garrosh is imprisoned for life, and then never shows up again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    Other: Garrosh lives and stays in Blizzard's fridge for an indefinite amount of time until they decide what to do with him 2 or 3 expacs from now. He'll be sitting next to Bolvar, Koltira, Valiona, Theralion and Hakkar, among many many others.
    Theralion and Valiona died in Bastion of Twilight.

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    A better expansion.
    I feel like he should of died but WoW lore is kinda shitty so I except some sort of crap redemption story.

    He was literally bat shit insane evil and then he gets captured and it will be all "I have seen the era of my way, thank you pandas" and then he will sacrifice himself to save panda land or something along those lines.

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    He want to die in honor.. He will die in honor

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    Here's the facts: if Blizzard wanted to have Garrosh killed, then he wouldn't have survived the siege. That being said, it should be blatantly obvious tht the story writers are saving him for another plot. He will not die in the next patch, hhe'll live. We have no idea why though.

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    Okay. It will turn up that Thrall shooting Deathwing in the face simply sent him into the future. Garrosh is sentenced to death. When the axe is raised to chop off his head Deathwing returns and burns everything to the ground. In the confusion Garrosh escapes aaand you know the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    He was literally bat shit insane
    Except, y'know, for the part where he explicitly wasn't.

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    forced to work with da panda people to repair the damage done to pandaria/ confront his emotions properly then come back in a future expansion as a true leader and portrayed as likeable like varian currently is.

    It wouldn't make any sense to kill him. Pandas are all about teaching lessons not vengance/ justice...

    They didn't even destroy the sha and decided it would be a better use of resources to keep constant guards on them for 10 thousand years and they were the embodiment of evil with no chance of turning good lol

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    I'm betting he will get some sort of heroic-death-redemption much like grom. Would also be very fitting with a Burning Legion expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Anti-hero is evil protagonist, while villain is antagonist.
    I wouldn't call an anti-hero "evil". They just don't stick a lawful retard banner up their ass to get the overall goal completed.

    As for Garrosh, who cares. The story is utterly hopeless so long as it's intrinsically linked to gameplay. What happens to Garrosh? The question is what the hell difference will it make in the game? The answer is not a single bit as far as I can tell.
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    he will be imprisoned and forgotten from the lore until blizzard decide to bring it back much like bolvar was enchased in that ice tomb on top of icecrown and then forgotten by anyone.
    Those are precious lore aces in blizzard slaves to be killed plain and simple, ill bet that blizzard still cursing the day they let us kill illidan.

    why everyone think we will see garrosh fate in 5.5? I don't remember any blue saying something about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caervek View Post
    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    Since his with the shado pan who are brutal I don't expect him to last long. He will be tortured and thrown off a cliff or beheaded. His life expectancy as an enemy of the shado-pan isn't long.

    WoW alot of people need to read into the shado-pan... There is no way they are going to let him live.
    Aye mate

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    He'll be the one to call the Legion to Azeroth as one last chance at wiping out the Alliance and Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paincake View Post
    Yep he will be executed by shadow-pan whilst in shackles and yell FREEEDOOMM!... /end sarcasm
    WoW should definitely not be a game with such harsh story imo. A redemption story would make everyone happy. An execution only the haters.
    Arthas deserved a redemption far more than garrosh could ever hope to and they killed Arthas without a second thought

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    They didn't specifically, in two cases, reinforce the fact that Garrosh lives just to kill him off or do nothing with his character.

    If I were to bet money, I would say in the Legion expansion, we break Garrosh out of jail and give him the choice to return to his cell and die in a hole or die bloody on the battlefield fighting against the demons like a true Orc.. Would explain why Anduin is visiting him and would be why they want to keep him alive. If the world is at risk of dying, you need all the help you can get and having a warrior and commander the caliber of Garrosh rotting in a jail cell isn't helping you. Would give him a chance at a redemption angle as well.
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