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    LFR 10 man in the future?(LFR needs more integrity)

    Maybe I missed the memo but I've never been entirely sure why Blizzard made LFR 25-man to begin with. Is it easier for them to balance and maintain? Does it provide a sense of greater immersion? Is it because of required Tanks and Healers(which could be adjusted)? I'm just confused as to why after releasing 5-man LFD in Wotlk(which was okay because wotlk was very forgiving), then experiencing the ridiculous backlash from Cata heroics in LFD that they decided to go with 25 man LFR.

    I honestly don't mind beginners so long as they want to learn. So many people are so arrogant nowadays they don't know how to take advice properly and when you potentially queue with 24 randoms(unless you recruit some people beforehand which is advised) odds are you are going to get a bunch of these types. These types either think they are Paragon level(subconsciously) or just don't give a damn.

    The lower the amount of people in a group the easier it is to expose your weak link which is why I think 10 man makes more sense. I have no problems with LFR difficulty but there needs to be a better way to get rid of players who go out of their way to sit idol and not contribute or even detriment the raid and potentially a way to differentiate actual beginners from sophomores who have no desire to learn(Player based reputation system?)

    10-man, with the same difficulty level, would introduce more accountability and people may actually think twice about slacking at least. The players who don't take advice probably wouldn't flinch but I think 10-man makes the raid more personable which is usually incentive enough for people to at least try. 25-man is too many people fighting for leadership and authority and just not giving a crap.

    LFR needs some work to be associated with the word integrity in a positive sense but I think at least condensing the groups is a good start by increasing accountability. Perhaps some more single player training to improve a players comprehension on his/her specific role would be good too.

    I doubt 10man and 25man LFR could co-exist but I truly think 10man would be the better option for the community in terms of integrity. I think more tanks would engage in LFR if they had reliable teammates but as it is Tanks and healers are always in demand. Most flex pugs will grab an LFR tank or healer due to demand and most will take the opportunity because they will be more appreciated.

    I'm sorry but as someone who prefers tanking and healing, LFR is getting a lot worse and I can't see any reason but flex as to the cause. I would rather heal or tank a failing yet determined flex than an uncooperative LFR.
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