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    No, that's not possible.
    Old Gods made me do it.

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    Or how about learning enchanting/engineering on my hunter? I want to do both pve and pvp equally on him.

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    If you want to pve/pvp on an hunter, i'll suggest LW/eng. For hunter agi>all other stat, and with lw bracers enchant from lw and eng stat amplifier on hand u have a pretty 1.5k agi for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrden View Post
    If you want to pve/pvp on an hunter, i'll suggest LW/eng. For hunter agi>all other stat, and with lw bracers enchant from lw and eng stat amplifier on hand u have a pretty 1.5k agi for free.
    All professions give similar benefits for stats. Ench gives Ring enchants, which is same total stat benefit as LW Bracer enchant. Blacksmithing gives higher gems. Etc Etc.
    Engi, Tailoring and gathering professions are different, but all others are pretty much same.
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    Old Gods made me do it.

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    So engi/ enchanting are good for hunter, because all profs are equal in stats benefits? And engineering is good on my disc priest, right?
    Also, what is the difference between goblin and gnome engineering?

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    OMG that planning is crazy. You are new, you'll need moonths to level all that profs and even all that duplicate profs... you'll play all that characters? Do you realize that if you want to play every char on a minimum -into a LFR level- even 5 characters is a lot of time investemnt? Believe me, I simultaniously played up to 4 characters on vacation, doing all the LFR, legendary quest, dailys for rep, daily HC sc and this was a madness, and you are talking about that mount of characters? That's crazy.

    My advise, first of all, would be to level your main, then a gathering character, then start leveling other chars and level their professions in a synergy order, for exemple, Alchemy-Jewel-Enchanting, this way you'll save a lot of money (on enchanting and gemming all your chars LOL) by being able to craft every single item you need, at least the most expensive ones (gems and enchants), then, you can move on, and level more characters with Inscription/Blacksmithing.
    Personaly I always Level BLacksmithing first, since Belt Bukcles are a good way to earn money and the benefit from the profession is awesome.
    That enginering madness is horrible, in about 2 years, when you leveled to lvl 120 all your chars that would be ok, but you are new, just keep engineering into your main, then put gather or craft/craft prof into following characters, and then, after 3 years of leveling, then, and only then, start dropping gathering profs, or secondary crafting profs, and add engineeering on every character.
    That's math, You need alchemy, jewel, enchanting, blacksmithing, inscription, Leather for being abosultely self-suficient. If you follow your order, in order to be self suficient you 'll need to level 6 charactaers+gathering one= thats 7 characters! lol! why not just skip enginering for a while, doing so you'll only need 3 charcaters+1 Gatherer for being self suficient... Also next expansion is comming soon(1 year? 6 months?) By the time you get all your 10 chars to lvl 90 you'll need to level them again for the next expansion.

    TL DR: First of all: be self sucifient, eran money to pay for ridding skills and bags for all your 10 characters LOL.

    Abouit Gnomish and Goblin enginering.
    Two main diferences: there are Vainilla-Burning Crusade teletransportation items. Dependion on what you chose you get diferent destinations.
    Also there is a diference on some utiliy items, being Bolgin more agresive and mad, and Gnomish more defensive and secure. YOu'll need to check the recipe list for a real difference on recipes.

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    Hold up a sec. Who told you i was starting engineering on all characters? My paladin and warlock mains are herb/alch and mining/jewel , and of all my other chars, i only started mining/engineering on my hunter since i dont feel anything else as good. I plan to level up exactly as you said, dropping a gathering prof when i have stockpiled a lot of mats from it or some other appropriate time, and replace with engineering. I mean, i am not crazy enough to think that i will be able to level my final expected profs without having a gathering prof to support at least one of them.

    Also, i think i can optimiZe the levelling plan to ensure that i get all 10 chars to 90 and profs to max within 9 months to a year, taking in mind that i will be playig like crazy after my school closes in march and i start college in august. Its actually a simplistic equation to create and needs a little sitting down, but once that is done, i also need to take luck and other stuff into account so allow a leeway period of around 6 months max.

    There. I reduced wow to a giant math equation. Im such a nerd. On the plus side, i love bgs on my friends death knight so i think i have some hope
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    Don't forget the refer a friend program if you are planning on level up all those characters at start

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    hey there welcome to WOW!!!!

    The following is just my opinion.

    Engineering has a lot of cool gadgets and stuff but the dps gains from it are probably not significant enough to make a difference for your gameplay experience. I found engineering to be one of the harder professions to level, plus many of the things you want to make or have available take up precious bag space, MOLL-E, wormhole genrators etc...

    I only PVE so my next part is only about dps/tank/healing in a PVE environ.

    Most of your "proc" based profession buffs are based off internal cd's which may or may not be affected by your haste rating. So many of the "static" buffs from professions are going to be better on classes/specs that dont stack haste. This could all change with the next expansion comingn out soon. The buffs from LW, JC, BS, and other static buffs are always the same and will not change with your spec or gear, meaningif you have JC and BS you will always have access to X amount of JC stones and X amount of exra sockets.

    Since we are winding down on this expansion and you are a new player hellbent on having max toons at max professions, level 3 gather ing toons to max level and have engineering on all 3. Blizz typically gives engineers a gadget that allows them to harvest/gather extra ore/volatiles/spirits etc when mining, skinning or herbing. the extra loot will help fund your gold reserves.
    Next level inscription and alchemy on all your other toons. at the begining of new expacs crafted gear, darkmoon cards, flask, potions, and gems are in high demand. with the alchemists you can make flasks and potions and xmute gems and w/e the new living steel equivalent will be. inscription you can mass produce cards and make decks.
    do this for the first 2-3 months of the xpac till you have your gold stockpile where you want it nd then slowly drop alchemy and inscription on your toons till you have the right mix for what you want to do.

    the buffs may change a little from expac to expac but he need for gold for mounts/pets/gear never goes away and if you sell it people will buy it.


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    That makes sense!! I think i will roll with that

    - - - Updated - - -

    Right now, my priest has tailoring and enchanting. I plan to remove tailoring and replace it with mining, for more money. Would I be justified in doing this? In the end, I plan to have engineering/enchanting on her.

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    Something to bear in mind: There is no actual purpose to having more than one of each "gathering" profession. Skinning is best done with a character that can reliably take on multiple mobs simultaneously, or kill them within a couple (under 5) seconds. You'd also most likely want to pair it with a class that can make effective use of its accompanied professions' fringe perks (cheaper leg enchants for agi/str) so of the best match would be Monk, Death Knight, or Hunter.
    For your PvE main Caster, Eng/Tailoring is best, but only if you can properly maintain/manage the procs.

    If I think of anything else, i'll post again
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    1. Engineering is the best one for pop in my opinion
    2.well they are all basically the same with some twists
    3.yea it's pretty good

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