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    Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Orc Campaign lead to WoW?

    So, I've always wondered...the bonus Orc campaign from The Frozen Throne, which I enjoyed quite a bit by the way, reminds me of a simple version Vanilla World of Warcraft in a way. The fact that you go around doing quests, leveling your heroes and getting new gear just seems like WoW sorta. I can't help wondering if this was an INTENTIONAL precursor to WoW itself. Or maybe gave them the idea to look into taking the Warcraft universe into an MMO we know today? Or maybe just a complete accident. Or maybe it's just only me who feels that it's similar in a few aspects. Any other ideas? Or maybe you know the answer. :P I'd love to hear it either way.

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    A lot of the frozen throne campaign was leveling your hero and completing quests, unless you mean going right up to an npc with a ! above their head. If that's the case, then I doubt the orc campaign was the sole catalyst. Maybe they were testing the quest idea out in the orc campaign? I think this would make more sense because the NE line has Illidan and the human line has Kael'thas and Lady Vashj... all the BC bad guys.
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    I haven't heard that specifically but it doesn't surprise me. I remember running it a long time ago and when I started playing WoW the similarities were familiar.

    If I remember correctly, though, the earlier versions of WoW didn't show ! quest markers or ? quest hand-ins or any of the stuff that was present in that campaign.

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    I thought i read somewhere that the wow engine is basically a modified warcraft 3 engine.

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    I remember reading that the Frozen Throne Orc campaign was them testing how a game like WoW would work. It's been awhile though so it might not be exactly that but I'm 99.99% sure that it was something along those lines.
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