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    Stat Priorities (SP)


    Currently got 558 ilvl and still not sure about wether or not to go for mastery or crit. Any advices? And is there a haste cap that I should stop at?
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    I recommend that you stop at 14,873 haste and then make your crit and mastery fairly even to each other.

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    This might help: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php...tart=20#p42934


    DP+3 (14873 non-goblin) > Crit >= Mastery (Crit / Mastery 1:1 rating if you use mixture of both FDCL + MF:I)

    GCD (18215 non-goblin) > Mastery >= Crit

    DPS difference is minimal -- higher skill cap players will benefit from bottom, players that use FDCL often will benefit from the top.
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    Thanks alot

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    My own sims are showing for any non-patchwork fight that 18.2k > crit will give best results for both MFI and FDCL (+tof)

    on patchwork going 14873 > crit=mastery comes out ahead (with MFI + tof)

    Even where mastery=crit it was close enough and varied enough between fights for me to favour crit, under no circumstances did I find mastery > crit, about half of fight types I sim'd had crit > mastery though. Crit also means more healing from lvl90 talents, not something to be ignored.

    Take from that what you will. I strongly suggest running your own sims to get the data you need

    Not going to mean much without the raw data and specific gear sets but here's the numbers I produced;

    Around 565ilvl, no gear changed between sets on reforges / gems / enchants, had 4pc and amp trinket.
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    Will run my own sims later and see what I can come up with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparowe View Post
    Take from that what you will. I strongly suggest running your own sims to get the data you need

    When simming myself somewhat thoroughly (I run batches of about 10-15 million sims when looking into this stuff for myself), I've actually only found 18,215 to be superior with HeavyMovement and HecticAddCleave. It varies depending on your gear, set bonuses and trinkets. In addition to that, the difference is pretty minimal anyway.

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