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    how to beat warrior + resto shaman

    Hey!! Atm sitting at 1,9K in 2s as WW monk + disc priest. We really struggle against warrior + resto shaman. The retarded lockdowns, permaslows and shaman pillarhumping, tremor, fear + parabreaker from warrior etc. I really got no clue how to beat them, who to go for etc.

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    u dont beat warriors in 2v2
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    Well you go for the shaman, replace the priest with a druid, have him burst with you.
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    i agree kill sham control war.

    it's either that or run him oom (lol) and kill war in fof stun.

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    WW Monks are retarded in 2s, just get him to stick to shaman and youll win, through in unavoidable fear every now and again and gg.

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