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    Glory To The Horde aka a PVE Rogue in a PVP world

    Let me preface this in saying while I myself don't enjoy PVP I respect anyone does. I also don't mind Blizzard putting a PVP quest as part of the questline but I'm at a bit of a loss as the best way to complete it.

    I decided to just go for it and did a Temple of Kotmogu and it wasn't even close. Final score was about 1600 to 800. I had 2 killing blows (ya me) but 10 deaths which was the most on both sides. I even had 1 Alliance guy laugh at me but I am not sure what aspect of my fail he was laughing at. I have one PVP ivl 522 Ring which dropped for me in Timeless Isle and I haven't gotten something better but everything else is 535ish Timeless Isle Gear. While I can make a few PVP items through leatherworking the stat decreases don't make it seem worthwhile.

    Any advice, tips, tricks, criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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    the stat decreases don't make it seem worthwhile.
    You wil get PvP Power, so it WILl be worthwhile in the long run. The days of PvE people roflstomping everyone is pretty much over.

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    I bet you had no problem getting your silvershard victory.....

    Temple is a balanced BG. Just queue it a few times, and be thankful you don't have to deal with the nonsense that is silvershard.

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    "but I am not sure what aspect of my fail he was laughing at." this made me laugh so hard lol

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    Do you have a few pvping friends? Try queueing with them, it makes stuff much easier. If not, just keep going. Keep trying to kill people holding orbs, but don't try to pick them up yourself. Rogues are rather squishy in that context, especially in pve gear. Use your stealth and try to kill everyone running with an orb! And most of all, just keep queueing, you will win one in the end.
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    just saying


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    Winning a random battleground is one of the easiest things you can possibly do in the game. You can literally do nothing and still have about a 50% chance of winning. Just queue until you win and move on.

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    Don't worry about the guy who called you bad OP. He is just a mix between the "The hypocrite" and "The narcissist".
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    Are you really looking for logic in a game that sends you dragons via the mail service?...

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    Give me your armor link I will help you to gearing up and give you some PVP tricks.

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    I just went in, tried to grab orbs, tried to kill orb holders and tried to defend our orb holders, only takes 2-3 attempts, just push. Done so far on 3 pve alts. Priest and DK got both BGs first time, rogue had a couple losses on temple I think.

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    So, I might as well update everyone. I took the Aegislash's suggestion and spent last week crafting some pvp gear. I was able to muster 6 pieces plus the pvp ring I already had I tried again.

    The Temple of Kotmogu was easily the most memorable pvp experience I ever had. I was a lot less squishy and was doing damage to others. We controled the middle for the most part but it was a see-saw battle until the last bit where we finished with a nice 1600-1200 win. I had 10 killing blows which was second only to one other guy plus I only had 2 deaths. I left orb duties to others. It actually felt good not just winning but actually know I helped contribute.

    The Mines was a bit different of course. The alliance I think was better geared than the temple but once again it was a see-saw affair similar to the temple than it seems they lost focus having way too many guys in front of one cart leaving the other carts to us. At one point I was all alone with a cart until a few alliance guys finally came along and killed me. It ended up again in 1600-1200 match. I wasn't the worst on my team but not the best either ending up in the middle of the road.

    Glad it's over and I'm already 4/20th into the next part of the chain. Thanks for all your tips!

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    As a Rogue in random BG, I focused on helping in any way other than killing. Especially when I wasn't geared.
    Depending on the map and objective, I saped incoming enemies, slowed flag carriers, CC'ed healers as other attacked the FC, used FoK on all for added pressure (Assassination), etc.

    Anything you can think that can slow/cripple/trick the enemy, you do it.

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