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    Strange bug on my shaman

    I don't believe this is a bug specific to resto shaman's and also I'd like to reach a broader audience with my problem so don't hate for posting here. If a mod feels it should be moved then so be it.

    So I joined an hc scenario with a couple of guildies as a healer and noticed a strange bug. Whenever I targeted someone in my party my toon was acting like I had no one targeted. All single target heals were going straight to me. I couldn't put riptide or eathshield on anyone but myself and was forced to heal with totems and healing rain. I tried to reload ui but this didn't work. I tried teleporting in and out again and this didn't work. I tried to log out and back in again and this didn't work. So I thought maybe it's just this party has bugged, went into a random HC and the same thing. Obviously healing with nothing but HR and totems isn't a massive issue (I could also chain heal as it automatically casts it on myself).

    So at the end of the dungeon I thought fuck it I'll just dps the boss and the same exact thing. None of my DPS abilities would work because the game thought I had nothing targeted.

    Has anyone else experienced this bug and if so any ideas on how to remedy it?

    Welcome to WoD Please enjoy your stay!

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    My bet is some addon fucking up, turn off all and try again

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