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  • Melee DPS/Melee DPS/Melee DPS

    9 7.20%
  • Melee DPS/Melee DPS/Tank

    16 12.80%
  • Spell DPS/Melee DPS/Tank

    58 46.40%
  • Melee DPS/Tank/Tank

    4 3.20%
  • Spell DPS/Tank/Tank

    1 0.80%
  • Melee DPS/Tank/Healer

    0 0%
  • Spell DPS/Tank/Healer

    6 4.80%
  • Spell Tank/Melee Dps/Spell DPS

    31 24.80%
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    Melee dps, melee dps and tank.

    but i'd rather see some ranged dps/caster(heavy weapon with caster mechanics) class instead since hunters has no alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raynos View Post
    A ranged tank who dual wield crossbows or full-auto bows (because fuck logic) and has active mitigation skills, maybe a dodge skill, kind of like roll. But in all seriousness, a ranged tank.
    That's a D3 Demon Hunter, not a Warcraft Demon Hunter. D3 Demon Hunters are more closely related to the WoW Dark Ranger than anything.Demon Hunters, thematically, aren't physical ranged like people keep suggesting. Demon Hunters are light armored melee combatants using shadow and demonic magic and turning themselves into demons. The niche of a shadow/ranged weapon hybrid assailant is Dark Ranger territory.

    If we get a Demon Hunter, it should be an added specialization for Warlocks. There's not enough uniqueness to it left to be able to do an entire class and have it be a true Demon Hunter. The Demonology tree, especially post rework, has effectively cannibalized the Demon Hunter unit. Demon Hunter could work as a Warlock 4th spec, using a more fleshed out Dark Apotheosis and melee weapons to tank but that's pretty much the extent. Could even add glaives as part of the visual effect while under DA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    No they didn't. GC left it as an open question - "is there enough design space for a DH what with Warlocks etc?". They don't say "no, never" because they might one day change their minds - they just say "not very likely at the moment".
    An "open question" phrased in such a manner so it has only one possible answer isn't really an open question. He didn't say "no".....he just left no other option.

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
    demon hunters are not warlocks, check your facts
    If Blizzard says they are Warlocks, they'll be Warlocks. Right now, there is no lore or canon that would prevent them being a Warlock sub spec. They use the same magics, have many of the same abilities. Design wise, they have the same theme and flavor, and DHs have been extensively mined as a source for Warlock design and looks.

    Odds are good we'll see DHs as a Warlock 4th spec, and not as a standalone class.


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    Demon Hunter will be introduced in the patch after the Father Christmas class is introduced to keep the kiddies happy. Give him a hug and he will give you tier 999 gear whenever you want.

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    There should be a Pizza Hunter spec, dammit.
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